DLC Takes Hold for The Evil Within Early Next Year

DLC takes hold early next year ! @theevilwithin

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If you’ve already completed The Evil Within, you probably have a number of questions about the ending. If you haven’t finished yet – hurry up, as part 1 of the game’s three-part Season Pass , The Assignment, will release in early 2015. The Assignment is the first of two DLCs centering on Detective Castellanos’ mysterious partner, Juli Kidman.

In 2015, we will reveal more information on Part II of her story, The Consequence, as well as our final DLC featuring The Keeper. Stay tuned, and consider yourself teased with the short video above.

Dying for a little more information? This week we caught up with the game director for both The Assignment & The Consequence, Tango Gameworks’ John Johanas (a.k.a., The American)


Some of the main game’s biggest questions surround Juli Kidman? How do you balance answering some of those questions with keeping parts of the game’s story open-ended/mysterious?

That was a tough one! We approached the DLC from the perspective that, while Juli is enigmatic during the main game, there were additionally lots of other mysteries about the world and the characters that could be cleared up or hinted at by playing as her. She is a character who seems rather “aware” of her situation, after all.

Early on, we listed the things that we wanted to answer and ones we wanted to keep open and worked around that. We definitely leave some of the mysteries open, but I feel we shed a lot of light on the lore of Ruvik, STEM, and the characters while asking (and answering) a whole new set of questions regarding Juli and her mission.

Can you share any advice Mikami-san has provided in directing the content?

I would say one of the major things Mikami-san helped with was creating a focus. It’s easy to get carried away with everything that you want to do and things you want to expand on from the main game, but he has a very keen eye in spotting where you are straying from that goal and is quick to point it out. There were certain aspects he requested from us from the beginning of development, but from there he helped us steer it into something we feel is creative and unique while satisfying fans of the main game.

In directing the Juli Kidman missions, have you taken inspiration from other DLC missions released for other games? If so, which ones?

I’m actually a big DLC guy so I struggled a lot in early planning with which direction to take it in. How many levels and what’s the pacing? Do we add new weapons or mechanics? Since we decided early on the character was going to be Kidman, I wanted the DLC to play different rather than having it feel like just a character skin. My favorite DLCs have been ones that give the player a new spin on gameplay, while still feeling connected to the main title.

Some notable DLC’s that may or may not have influenced things:

  1. Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall/ The Brigmore Witches
  2. Enslaved: Pigsy’s Perfect 10
  3. Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare
  4. Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction

Are there any specific areas of the main game that served as inspiration for the DLC content?

Probably two of the biggest inspirations were Chapter 5 and 9. Chapter 9 had you uncover past stories by solving puzzles and exploring and there is a lot of that in the DLC. Overall, Juli’s adventure is rather story driven — Juli tends to “discover” these things by her actions and by solving puzzles. But at the same time, the atmosphere and progression is similar to Chapter 5, where you were trapped in a very oppressive area and the “horror” element was at its strongest.

However, I would say there’s quite a bit of variation in her encounters so I wouldn’t want anyone to think “Oh, it’s just another Chapter XX.” Even the “horror” element has a different feel! Juli’s experiences are much more dark, lonely, and claustrophobic.

How does playing as Juli feel different from playing as Sebastian?

Well, from a character perspective, I would say she’s much livelier than Sebastian was in the main game! Her story is a bit more personal than his as well, so there’s a bit of banter and commentary as you play.

Are you able to hint at the time frame of the DLC content? Does it take place before, after, or during the main game’s story?

We took a “Rashomon” approach to things with Juli’s campaign in the sense that “each person sees things differently.” In real life this is true, but inside STEM you can imagine how warped things would get!

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  1. I like the opening paragraph, “If you’ve already completed The Evil Within, you probably have a number of questions about the ending. If you haven’t finished yet – hurry up”simply because I and everyone I know finished the game within days of starting it. Should of waited to get it for NexGen.

  2. I haven’t played the game yet because I’m waiting until I get a Playstation 4 sometime next year. I’ll get the inevitable comeplete/goty edition when it’s released.

  3. I’ve played this game, it’s more like action shooter game rather than a true survival horror that gives you kind of creeps what you expected to face in the trailer.

    If ever needed a true master survival horror game, I am the perfect designer, but can implement it? Nah, I am not a coder, but designing it from start to finish would be like living a dream.

  4. I liked the game and I was enjoying it a lot…till the point where I got to beat the game on Akumu mode. That isn’t enjoyable, that is just insane. The average gamer won’t care about the akumu mode, so the only players you are punishing by making us play the game on that insane mode is trophy hunters like me. I am stuck, been hours and hours trying to beat this one area in Chapter 6 to move on to the next (which I’m sure will give me more trouble). It is beyond frustrating, I will keep trying and trying, give it a rest maybe try in a few days again, till eventually out of luck maybe I manage it, but this is just crazy. Everything that this guy says in all his videos is so true. This is more luck than skill. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0L_q_dLfTtE&index=8&list=PLTaOHX8kEkD4WBQE6CRUPLaoqEPQh89A2
    Congrats to the ones who have done it, obviously more lucky than me. So getting any DLC out of the question for me. A good game ruined for me because of this akumu achievement trophy (I will keep trying) but at this point it sure is the most frustrating thing I have ever done in gaming. Just wanted to get that out of my system (maybe the developers will care), as I said, the average gamer won’t even bother with akumu mode, the only ones that are punished with this are the trophy hunters. I won’t bother to come back here to read any replies as I’m sure there will always be some who have nothing better to do than to insult someone who is stating their opinion.

  5. This probably isn’t the place to post it, but patch 1.3 for PC disabled the mouse wheel, which means that keyboard and mouse users can no longer scroll through documents + menu options. Please patch this! (Patch 1.3.1? Haha)

  6. LOVE THE GAME AND CANT WAIT FOR DLC! The story left me confused, but playing though twice answered some questions. great job guy’s.

  7. It’s been like 2 weeks by now, it would be nice of you guys if you mentioned a least the month of the 1st dlc’s release. Early next year could range from jan to march soooooo I keep delaying the season pass for the sake of other games, and I would personally feel left out if I couldn’t play the dlc from day 1 haha dunno about others, but I think some other ppl feel like this too XD

      • well if you can’t tell it then you can’t XD
        no biggie, I just hope the heads up comes like a week b4 release, not just a boom thunder time on a random wednesday when the US psn usually gets updated

  8. Patience is not a virtue I posses (axnxiety and OCD disorder)
    I really want this dlc soon! Please keep us in the know when it will arrive! I bought pre ordered the season pass when I pre ordered this game and am so very tired of waiting!

  9. yeaaaaaah

    waiting is getting waaaay 2014 -_-
    dudes u wanna release 3 DLCs SEPARATELY, are you planning on stalling the last 1 till next summer? _-_