ESO: Tamriel Unlimited Arrives on Xbox One & PlayStation 4 on June 9th; PC/Mac on March 17th


Whether you’re playing ESO on PC/Mac or awaiting the game’s console release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, we’ve got some big news to share!

Beginning on June 9th TES fans on Xbox One and PS4 will be able to endlessly explore The Elder Scrolls® Online: Tamriel Unlimited! This edition of the game features all of the gameplay from the original PC release, including all the new content and changes made over the past year, and it comes without requiring a monthly game subscription fee!

And for our PC/Mac fans, we’re pleased to announce you’ll be the first to experience this new way to play ESO – beginning on Tuesday, March 17th!

In Tamriel Unlimited, you’ll be able to purchase optional downloadable content, and the in-game Crown Store will offer convenience and customization items. Already a subscriber? You’ll become a member of ESO Plus to receive monthly in-game benefits and a monthly allotment of Crowns to spend in the store. Our team remains committed to providing a great experience to all players, and you can expect continued, regular updates free of charge in addition to our new store offerings.

In celebration of these two big announcements, we’ve released the final entry in our four-part series of cinematic trailers, The Confrontation. Enjoy it in the embed above!

For more on ESO, including information on the changes coming with Tamriel Unlimited and additional info on ESO Plus, visit the game’s official website  FAQ–, and don’t forget to tune into our special edition of addition of ESO LIVE today at 12pm with Pete Hines and the ZeniMax Online Studios team on Twitch.TV/ZeniMaxOnlineStudios.

Reader Comments

  1. What about those of us that purchased the Imperial edition on PS4 more than a year ago? When the game is released will we receive the Tamriel Unlimited version of the game?

  2. If you read carefully, all owners of the game will be upgraded to the Tamriel Unlimited. Your current subscription (if you have one) will be converted to ESO Plus. Kind of like The Old Republics subscription status.

  3. 1. Will we Never pay the Monthly Fee again.

    2. Will the Game still be Online in witch i hope we can have a Offline Single Player Experience.

    3. The DLC Mods we had to Buy separately like a Horse and the Imperial Race and not sure what else, will they be on this Unlimited Edition for Free

  4. I was told via ESO’s official Facebook page via an admin that PS4 Imperial Edition preorders will automatically transfer to standard Tamriel Unlimited copies so I’m taking this to mean there won’t be any collector versions for PS4/XboxOne.

  5. If we purchased the Imperial Edition, will we have to pay the monthly fee? And will we also receive the “new content and changes made over the past year,”? I don’t want to have to buy 2 copies of a game. :/

  6. You really didn’t answer first question those of us who preordered imperial edition and well I didn’t hear about the push back so got disappointed on 12/31 when I saw it said 12/31/2015 release date changed from 12/31/2014 along with imperial edition stuff will we have the ultimate too I’m excited now that it says June o my ps4 will finally have glory with a Bethesda game

  7. Is it “pay to win?” Will free players have their experience throttled so that it takes much longer to progress when compared to ESO Plus members?

  8. so June 9th, we were promised June 30th 2014 and then we got delayed. Are we sure we will be able to play this amazing game on June 9th?

  9. I misread the reply I received on ESO’s Facebook page earlier today… It looks like the Imperial Editions will still be honored with all the extra content:) Can’t wait for June!!

  10. As a former TES player, but not an ESO player, I am both extremely excited to hear you will be releasing a none subscription game, but also entirely confused. Will there be any additional charges whatsoever aside from the initial $60 game purchase (E.g. An account creation fee)? What will come of those who are currently paying a monthly subscription? What reason do they have to continue paying when others are not? What benefits will they receive that us non-subscribers won’t? Will non-subscribers be able to interact with subscribers in the ESO World? Please answer!

  11. Now that ESO is transitioning to a different model, can you please consider a co-op DLC for Skyrim?

    I think it would be very popular and Bethesda could probably sell millions of copies at 10$ or even more, not to mention ancillary sales of the current Skyrim: Legendary Edition.

    Has Bethesda ever considered this possibility from either an artistic or monetary standpoint?

    • There’s no new content planned for Skyrim — Bethesda Game Studios are working on their next, unannounced project.

      We encourage you to check out what the pc modding community is creating for Skryim at

  12. Really worried about this new news. Been playing since beta and love the ESO community. I personally think this is going to ruin the PC version.

    • We are not decreasing the current progression rates (XP, gold, etc.) like some other games have chosen to do in the past when their business model changes. ESO Plus simply provides a little extra XP and gold on top of what the current rates already are.

    • Matt – you will be able to play the game and still have the option to subscribe to ESO Plus (optional) if you choose to.

      For more info, visit

  13. Hello Bethesda,
    WIll the physical gamecards still be available to purchase once the Tamriel Unlimited is released? I would like to keep my subscription going, exclusively with gamecards like I did since the launch of the game.

  14. I had a beta test account. Can I use this login for Xbox one version? I tried logging in to the website with it but it said the credentials were wrong. Does it even still exist?

  15. What about prices? Will the price of regular ESO game on PC before 17th of March be the same as the price of ESO Unlimited? Cause I prefer the regular ESO’s box 😀

  16. The elder scrolls online is good and all but it would be great if it came with skyrim re-marstered on next gen consoles it would be amazing please do it Bethesda and Zenimax

  17. What will happen to unopened/unused PC game codes of The Elder Scrolls Online? Could a new account be setup after March 17th using an unused code to activate and play The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited? Also what would happen to the 30days free game time included with previous edition of the game, if activated after March 17th? Will the 30days included time be added as an ESO Plus subscription of 30days?

  18. I had a quick question, I remember a long time ago ( that the PC players would be able to migrate our character over to the console version as long as we played the PC game before the end of June 2014 for only $20, instead of the full game price. I played the game on PC during that promotional period, how will you go about handling this migration for those of us that purchased it on PC and want to go to console? Will we have to re-purchase the game on console? Thanks!

    • If you purchased before the June 2014 cutoff, you are eligible for the $20 transfer, and you’ll receive an email about this down the line.If you didn’t activate by that date, you wouldn’t be eligible.

      In short, stay tuned for additional information. 🙂