The Elder Scrolls Online – The Three Fates

In celebration this morning’s news about Tamriel Unlimited, we bring you the “The Three Fates” cinematic trailer supercut. Witness the beginning and conclusion of the three alliances in one beautiful trailer. Originally released in four separate parts, the cinematic supercut takes you through the story of a deadly battle for the Imperial City.

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Reader Comments

  1. Finally we get a release date! Finally it goes b2p! Finally the penny has dropped! Big pat on the back roll on June! Next time get it right from the beginning. Listen to your fans….

  2. Very nice, but I wish the uncompressed high-resolution versions of the trailer were still available. Some time ago HD versions of the first three trailers were available on Bethesda’s website in both MP4 and WMV format before they were replaced be Youtube embeds. I’m glad I downloaded them before that happened.

    They are extremely high-quality cinematics, but distributing them via Youtube and reduced to 720p is ridiculous.

  3. I have prepaid ES online about 3 months ago please tell me when it will be at gamestop or release date.
    I miss Skyrim and have played it on my 360 but have xbox one now. Any chance 6a pirt to xbox one for [email protected]