Bethesda’s First-Ever E3 Conference: Save me a Seat!

e3showcase_savethedate_FINAL_North AmericaWe’re hosting our first-ever E3 Showcase in Hollywood, CA on June 14th and we’ve saved some seats just for you, our fans. Feel like a celebrity by attending our most exciting event yet, live and in-person! Keep an eye out – in the coming months we’ll be sharing details on how you can register to attend.

Can’t make it out to LA to join us? Don’t worry, we have you covered. On Twitch.TV/Bethesda (Follow here), you’ll be able to tune in on 6/14 and watch every moment live!

Reader Comments

  1. Yes, we need a new TES, but not nearly as bad as we need new Fallout. If you guys don’t announce – and launch – Fallout 4 this year I’ll be *very* angry. Like Hulk smash angry. You have been warned, Bethsoft.

  2. purchasing team here. I’ll be attending E3 proper. Will retailers be invited to this event as well? Of course we can use our E3 connect as well

  3. There is high chance of publishing new elder scrolls (6), fallout (4) or dishonored (2) due to the fact there was a long “break” time, the last thing I can think of is a new game series. I would be more than excited to see one of the titles above.

  4. I would love a new elder scrolls! But….. I think fallout makes sense they’ve hads plenty of time to throw ideas around, produce art, etc. For FO4 so it would be a very well thought out game. As for ES6 I think it would benefit from the same kind of brainstorming, idea throwing art producing time while fallout 4 is being worked on and running its course.

    Dont get me wrong I love ES over FO, its just a better detailed, deeper, more epic, bigger scale kinda game its bethesdas baby. But I think both games would benefit from having that extra time to outline ideas on 1 title while the other is already in full production.

  5. As for any other title coming straight outta bethesdas studio…. I dont think so, they could shock the world but they already have 2 established IPs in house that sells extremely well and provide different experiences while keeping that bethesda feel/touch. They also have a building publisher portfolio that allows them to play in other areas a lil bit

      • They NEED to work on ONE franchise. Fallout.

        Elder Scrolls should be like a side project. For fun and shit, while they keep us waiting and playing thru old Fallouts forever.

        • well ubisoft can come out with three big games two one year and the division the end of this year which means the were working on 3 big games at the same time i dont see why bethesda cant work on elder scrolls and fall out at the same with another team working on their other franchises

  6. That would be a dream to attend. I’m sure having your first conference means you have some exciting new things to announce. Best of luck to everyone involved in the preparation!

  7. Please let it be FallOut, and ES later. I like both but FO is LLOONNGG overdue! I’d squeal like a lil girl getting a pony!
    And please no “online only” garbage, I don’t need any D-Bags online ruining my gaming experience!

  8. Hmmm… I think they are announcing the next fallout game. But I hope with all my heart that they are announcing the next elder scrolls game. Fallout this year and Tes 6 the next year! (Though, I would love it the other way around) 🙂

  9. My heart belongs to the elder scrolls series but my soul belongs to FALLOUT baby its Bethesda ppl come on it must be big and i will preorder any one of them in a heart beat!!!!!!

  10. I hope with all my heart it’s FO4 would be nice to see humanity starting to rebuild. All the debris cleared away and new buildings being built think that would be nice to see

    • that would make a good fall out 5 but 4 is probably already in development if not almost done so your idea wont be in fall out 4

  11. Give the fans what we want!!! We’ve asked at every public convention for the game “Fallout 4.” Bethesda is easily my favorite game developer company. I know that their products wont let me down, even if its not fallout 4, but its a new generation and weve waited long enough! C’mon bethesda and please keep the open world RPGs coming!

  12. If it’s gonna be Fallout 4, please, just one thing.. Ron Perlman! or else it won’t sound right!! why? ..because war, war never changes!

  13. I’m excited because i want to be at least these two things.

    Fallout 4 (or some kind of fallout game)


    The new doom game and it’s beta

  14. I’d be ok with another TES so long as it isn’t an MMO. Again. That was terrible.
    But mostly I’m hoping for fallout 4.
    Please be fallout 4.

  15. Either something big is planned, or they didn’t get enough publicity for battlecry, anyway big fan of bethesda in general.. Timeless games 😀

  16. I’m guessing they will announce FO4. I would be shocked if they announced both FO4 and ES6, that would be too much hype for one press release and Pete Hines would not have it.

    Bethesda likes to take their time with games, and Skyrim isn’t that old. FO on the other hand, is due for a sequel.

  17. Well it’s gonna be a fallout game it’s been 6 years since the last one but I want maybe some screen shots of TES 6 or maybe some video of the land scape and characters from the new engine they’re using to make the game… I seen somebody posted the unigine video but it looks like last Gen graphics so I hope they figured out how to use the unigine to make the graphics better or that was just a fake video I seen.. but some elder scrolls news would be great to hear and a fall out game would be great to purchase it’s the only two bethesda franchises I like

  18. Please for all that is good and holy please be Fallout 4. If it isn’t announced this E3 I’ll be so devastated. Sure Doom 4 or another elder scrolls game would be nice… But come on Fallout 4. I made myself a promise when that game is announced I will be getting a right shoulder blade tattoo of the BoS insignia. Let me have that tattoo and game.

  19. Also if it is Fallout 4 can you guys strike up a deal with Coca-Cola and they privately or publicly sell Nuka Cola bottles as their glass bottles. Even Hot Topic is riding the Fallout 4 hype train…

  20. I really love both tes and fallout. A lot of memories within all the games, for example fallout nv, the song big iron on his hip. Great games with all the adventure. Eso was a let down to people who couldnt have online capabilies. I would love news of a new es. Through the eyes of rpg players, fallout 4 has become the most anticipated open world masterpiece. Bethesda, all fans alike are awaiting the news, we hope you can obligue.

  21. E3 is gonna be awesome I hope the pull out a fall out 2016 release and maybe some TES 6 info I think every four years bethesda should bring out fall out and elder scrolls and bethesda should have three teams one for TES and one for Fallout and one for the rest of the games they should put all their attention on the good franchises

  22. This going to be HUGE!! Too bad I don’t live in west Virginia. I am hoping for FO4 but I wouldn’t mind too much if they didn’t announce it. Elder Scrolls VI would be nice too. I just hope that Bethesda will shed some light and announce something huge.

  23. Dearest Bethesda, when will you provide details on how us humble non-industry kids can snag a seat at your Showcase? I would be willing to jump through numerous hoops for a golden ticket. Hoops on fire even!