Wolfenstein 194K


If you’ve already played MachineGames’, you know there’s plenty of memorable set pieces across the game’s two acts. These moments, and even more subtle ones, are captured magnificently by Flickr user K putt in astounding 4K detail.


Catch this screen and more in their full 4K glory from K putt here.

Need more reasons to make a return trip to Castle Wolfenstein. At Gamespot, Daniel Hindes explores the allure of the castle — comparing visits from Wolfenstein 3D, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and the newly-released The Old Blood.

And after the break, catch the latest review scores for The Old Blood…

Softpedia (9/10) – Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is a great follow-up to The New Order, adding plenty of adventures for BJ, not to mention new enemies, weapons, and more. Throw in the Nightmare stages and you have a compelling package with great value for your money.

Xbox Achievements (85/100) – Another Nazi-blasting triumph, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is the perfect companion piece to The New Order, and proof positive that MachineGames knows exactly what it’s doing with the series.
The Jimquisition (8/10) – “I, for one, hope Bethesda keeps MachineGames working on this property for many years to come, as it’s quite clear the folks there know damn well what they’re doing. And what they’re doing is making nazi-killing fun again!”
GamesRadar (4/5) – “Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is another sterling effort from MachineGames, fast proving to be real players in the FPS genre.”
Shacknews (4/5) – “… a game that feels familiar after last year’s entry in the best of ways.”
Destructoid (8/10) – “Wolfenstein: The Old Blood operates just like an old school PC expansion should, and if you liked New Order, this is a no-brainer. In fact, due to the pulp feel of the second half I even slightly prefer it to the original, and the two interconnected plots are incredibly easy to swallow in an afternoon.”

Attack of the Fanboy (4/5) – “Wolfenstein: The Old Blood pays homage to Return to Castle Wolfenstein in some really neat ways that fans of the long-running franchise will appreciate.”

Metro UK (8/10) – “The Old Blood is a fantastic follow-up (prequel, expansion… whatever you want to call it) and absolutely justifies the asking price”

Shacknews (8/10) – “… a game that feels familiar after last year’s entry in the best of ways.”

US Gamer (4/5) – “… there are few games that offer the kind of rip-roaring action that The Old Blood does.”

Cheat Code Central (8/10) – “The takeaway from Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is simple. If you’re a fan of the series to begin with (meaning you probably already played The New Order) than you’re going to enjoy this title by default.”

Arcade Sushi (8/10) – “MachineGames has given the franchise a tremendous shot in the arm, and even if you never played The New Order, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is a game you shouldn’t miss.”

Digital Chumps (9/10) –  “… MachineGames does a superb job of balancing firefights with exploration with stealth with story moments. It keeps the pace fresh and interesting, and you couple that with a good story and interesting characters and you’re making some noise.”

NZ Gamer (8/10) – “Wolfenstein: The Old Blood has mechanically-sound shooting, gratifying combat encounters, and a stylistically convincing world.”

Twinfinite (4/5) – “prepare to be shunted into what is at its core an Indiana Jones movie, but replacing Indy’s trademark bullwhip/fedora combo with a pair of automatic shotguns and cybernetic Rottweilers.”
Hooked Gamers (8/10) – “The first bad guy you meet is my favorite, a physically imposing, Dolph Lundgren-eque Nazi Rudi Jager, and I hated him for all the right reasons from scene one.”

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