Prepare for November 10th | Pre-Order the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition Today!

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The date is set! Fallout 4 releases globally on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on Tuesday, November 10th!

As you countdown the days (T-minus 119 days), check out over these new pics of the Pip-Boy that will be available in the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition – available in limited quantities for $119.99.


Fallout 4 Screenshots

This wearable full-scale device replicates the in-game model and supports a wide-variety of smart phones, and with the Fallout 4 companion app you can manage all of your in-game Pip-Boy menu functions…from your wrist!Fallout4_PIPBoy_Edition_Content1


Reader Comments

  1. Just wondering; is the “Pip-Boy pocket guide” included in the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy edition an art book?

    The art books in the Skyrim and Fallout 3 collector’s editions were my favourite parts of those editions. It’d be a shame if there wasn’t one in the Pip-Boy edition.

  2. I hope the pip boy edition will be available in Czech retail as well. Would anyone be able to confirm it so I can pre-order in time from the correct retailer?
    So far only has it, not yet available as an option.

  3. Is there any word about this coming to the UK, i know the price in pounds is confirmed but no UK retailers have it listed yet US amazon does

  4. Can you give dimensions for the space inside the Pip Boy edition, just so people can work out whether their phone will fit, if they’re intending to actually use it as a pip boy.

    Also could you draw up a list of which retailers will be stocking the Collector’s Edition (I’m in UK, and for many fans outside US, knowing whether the CE is restricted to certain retailers/sites, is good to know)


    • I just pre-ordered it at BestBuy and now I too am wondering which phones will work with it. I have a iPhone 6, so I am assuming I’m good. However, will we have to remove any protective cases to fit the phone into the PIP Boy? What happens if I get a phone call? [Frantically cracking open the PIP Boy to get at my phone.]

  5. AH! Come on! The Pip-Boy Edition is already sold out! Bethesda, you have to order more produced. Please, don’t severely limit the production run! Make more money by selling more! PLEASE!

    • I know, seriously sold out in 5 minutes. What about us people who work and cannot be at the computer all the time to try to grab one up for our own use. I plead alongside you Kev, please market more and at least give the working person a chance to get one also.

  6. Here in the UK only Game seem to be selling this and their website is dying due to it selling so fast! Will there be any more stock or if not how many bottle caps do you require for payment?

  7. Maybe I’m dumb (and yes, I acknowledge I’m setting myself for troll attacks by saying that), but, where exactly can we pre-order this from?

    Imagine a person, dumbly, running around a small room with $120 in their hand and waving it around, excitedly screaming, “TAKE MY MONEY IMMEDIATELY!!!”

    Yea, that’d be this guy…

  8. My mind was purified by a tidal wave of endorphine brain enveloped happiness by all i saw. I cant believe how powerful the crafting system in FALLOUT 4. Am going to be creating places i lived at in real life for sure not to mention modifying the heck out of power armor. Having a German Shepard as a companion is also really cool.

    Congratulations Bethesda and thank you for giving us a world to learn and virtually live in.

  9. If Bethesda really have such technology to combine smartphone with computer and use them together – this is very promising technology of next level of distribution and interaction content. For example – next level of distribution will be not only show (the new product) but the ability to try right on using any connected peripherals – like gamepads, apple watch (wave hand for waving the virtual sword) or smartphones. So, such game conference streaming will include the ability to play the presented game for a minute right in window live (background game code portion loading, event host waited and continue after the provided minute to try). And i’m not counting the online voting and other uses scenarios. Yes, this is possible only on the next version of web-player, maybe the ability to “try game” require a gigabit net speeds from viewers (such is already possible in many parts of the world).

  10. I hope you will have another production run on the collectors edition that seemed incredibly limited and to announce it on a Sunday most parents in the US at least have a Friday payday so they didn’t have a chance to preorder their kids or in some cases them selves a copy please make more.

  11. Will I be able to play with the brotherhood of steel? It was shown that they would be in the game.

    I just want to know because they were killed a lot in the game play reveal.

    There is a lot of speculation as to weather or not they will be the antagonists.

  12. I hope they make more of these soon, they are being sold out as fast as the iPhone. I’m sure they have a marketing department and know the basics of selling: Supply and demand. Bethesda must supply more of the Pip-boy Edition because their fan base, including myself, are demanding it and we will pay top dollar for this.
    So please Bethesda make more of them available, every time I try to oder it i am told it is sold out or unavailable.

  13. You guys should not limit this, people want to give you all their money for this. your own store and every retailer is already sold out, please make more so more people can purchase it. we want to give you our money!

  14. I just found out last night that fallout 4 is coming out in November. I was super excited to not only see that I could pre-order Fallout 4, but the Pip Boy Edition too! WHAT!?!?!? It’s sold out already!?!?!? *cries* Why would Bethesda not have more? They had to know that the fans were going to be super stoked and more would want this special edition. It sold out the first day. I didn’t even have a chance. Come on Bethesda, get with the program… More Pip Boy editions please. I NEED one!

  15. I’ve never been so heated about NOT getting a collectors edition. The fact that hundreds if not thousands of people bought out the Pipboy Edition with no intention of using it or even for aesthetic value, but only to resell to actual fans at ludicrously inflated prices is disgusting to me. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is a true franchise fan (including FO1 and FO2) that got thier cheerios pissed in by this extreme lack of offered product level.

  16. Hey Bethesda, i surely hope you notice the Amiibo-esque scalping situation that has been incurred due upon the Pip-Boy Edition..

    since Fallout3 i have bought every major Collectors Edition you have released, i even just bought the Wolfenstein New Order Panzerhund out of the Bethesda Store..

    however, the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition still remains impossible to buy, and we only have three days to get that free shipping offer you guys have for it.. thats not really the issue, just a rather annoying carrot on a stick problem.

    I went through hell to get the ESO Imperial Edition, (i think a Gamestop employee got fired over it too) and now im going to grovel in furious self denigration over a Pip-Boy..

  17. I waited so long for fallout 4 not even two weeks the pip boy edition is already sold out, come on make more Bethesda not only will you make more cash you’ll make people who couldn’t get it right away happy, I got upset that I couldn’t get one, I’ve been talking about it for a week, thanks for ruining my birthday….

  18. I would really really really love to have one of these, but I don’t have the time to refresh a website every 5 minutes to preorder one. I think making this a limited release was a huge mistake. I would love to hand over my money to you but alas, I don’t think that will happen. *makes a sad face*

  19. I somehow managed to get two on bb dot com (one for me and one for my fiance) the only fallout collector’s edition I never got was new vegas, the chip was pretty lame but I love my lunch boxes and bobble head collection and really look forward to my pip boy! Now that I think about it, I have gotten every Bethesda collector’s edition (in doubles) besides new Vegas, My two alduins are perched with honor on either side of my pair of molag bal statues and surrounded by every bobble head ever released. I am a fan boy but I’ve been playing fallout since the original from interplay and elder scrolls just speak for themselves.

  20. I was so excited to see fallout 4 and then instantly disappointed to see the pip boy edition sold out on day one. So why would you keep the ads up saying preorder the pip boy edition . I think you are wasting your money as no one can do so. I almost garuantee I can find it on eBay for triple the price and the same sellers will have 500 hundred copies. So kudos for making your game so exclusive that anyone who wants it is goin to pay 3 times the price you put on it . I went from super stoked to give less a crap in an instant. Bethesda could have charged 300 bucks, people would have still paid for it but they are gonna let the opportunist who bought a 1000 copies do that. So I say I’m keeping my money and when I do buy this game it will b a used copy from gamestop. Why should I give you my money for rewarding the eBay crooks . You won’t make a dime off my used copy from gamestop. Also kudos on the fallout shelter mobile game that is an iPhone only product. I guess you’ll get around to that when people actually have android devices . So I don’t get that either and I will bet when your game does launch your companion app will b ios only. I couldn’t be more dussapointed with you guys.

    • It’s my understanding that retailers don’t know how many of these they will actually get, so they allow a “pre-order” of a guaranteed amount, then cut off orders until they get an actual number from the manufacturer.
      Once they get the actual number available to them, they will open pre-ordering again.
      I suggest bookmarking the order page, and checking periodically until they make it available again.

  21. Hey just to make a point if you go over to ebay they have them from 250 to 350 dollars for preorder. So again thanks for thinking about us fans.

  22. I would love to have the pip-boy edition for the xbox one, but the problem is that it had sold out on day one, and not very many fans got the chance to buy it. Most of the people who got it are selling it on ebay for way more than its worth, but the problem is that most fans will pay that absurd amount because it can’t be found anywhere else. Please Bethesda can you start releasing more for pre orders, because i would love to have this

  23. It’s not right that preorders can be sold on ebay for higher than what they preordered for I was just at gamestop and the clerk said they sold out in 3 hours that was one of my higher wanted preorder please put out more preorder considering the demand is super high

  24. it would be nice if you made some more pipboy editions you make some money fans are happy all goes well please make some more of them. 🙂

  25. I am very disappointed by Czech distribution. They sold the Pip Boy edition for 160$ on day one and then inflated the price to 220$.
    What is going on? Is this a global increase? No taxes or charges on import can justify doubling the US price!
    It feels like they are trying to screw over your customers.

  26. Why oh Why Bethesda??? Did you let Game UK handle pre orders for Fallout 4? Game UK are useless! Sometimes it shouldn’t come down to how much a company will pay you for the exclusivity rights, sometimes Bethesda, it should come down to how easily it is for the gamers who buy and spend months playing your epic new title can get their hands on the copy they want. Not going to promote Amazon alone, as I’m sure other websites allow this too, but at least Amazon allow our comrades across the pond to get a notification when stock is available again (if at all). Game UK don’t seem to allow this. Come on Bethesda think of your FANS!!