The Evil Within – Full Screen Title Update


Whether you’re playing The Evil Within on PC, Xbox, or PlayStation, you’ll notice a new title update based on community feedback.

The Evil Within – June 2015 Update

  • Console players can now remove the cinematic letterbox and play the game in full screen mode.
  • Casual difficulty has been rebalanced to be more forgiving to players with increased ammo amounts and adjustments to the game’s health bar.

The new update is live on all platforms — Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.

Reader Comments

  1. Does this apply to the Xbox 360 version? I’ve downloaded/installed the patch but don’t see any option to disable the black bars.

  2. I still haven’t played The Evil Within yet. I’m hoping a complete edition with all the dlc and title updates will be announced soon!

    • I haven’t played this yet either. The game wont display properly on my screen.. I cant even get into the menus because they are hidden off screen when it’s launched.. I need 4k support for this to work I think….

  3. Thank you so much for updating the console versions of the game to now have an option to be played in full screen mode. The letterbox format was extremely poorly implemented, it actually cropped out the top and bottom of the screen behind the black bars instead of just simply changing the aspect ratio of the screen, and this made the field of view way too scrunched and limited.

    The new full screen mode is a massive improvement over the letterbox format, and thanks for listening to the fans because that was a huge complaint that many of us had with the console versions of the game.

    Now, there is still one major flaw with the console versions that myself and many others who own the game (especially the current gen versions, the ps4 and xb1 versions) have, and that’s the framerate.

    I know that the Day 1 patch dramatically improved the framerate from how the game would run unpatched and I appreciate that patch, but the framerate is still very stuttery at times and makes for a rough gameplay experience. It constantly dips below 30fps and if you guys released one final patch to smooth out the framerate to get it at a relatively stable 30fps, that would be absolutely incredible. The Evil Within is a fantastic game, but the framerate is still pretty bad and it’d be a huge shame for us to never get one final patch that fixes it.

  4. Btw, the rebalanced casual difficulty setting is highly welcomed because there are a lot of players who have never played a survival horror game like this before who get discouraged way too easily by the more challenging difficulty settings. It’s a good way to ease them into the game and prepare them for the more harder difficulties that the game has to offer. And for whose who may complain that the newly tweaked difficulty makes the game actually too easy, that’s what trophies are for.

  5. Great news! However, I am not getting any prompt about a new update patch when I start the game on Xbox 360. Yes I’m signed in to xbox live, in Europe. Has it really been released? Thanks in advance.

  6. I have the XBOX 360 version with no DLC. I downloaded the patch and looked everywhere, but I don’t see the option for full screen. Please assist!

  7. I have he 360 version and I downloaded a update that was 35MB and I don’t see an option anywhere to remove the black bars. Any ideas?

  8. Hi, don’t know if anyone else has this but i downloaded the update for the 360 ( i have the vanilla release no dlc) but there is still no option to remove the letter box?

  9. Thank you to everyone at Bethesda and Tango. I could not play and enjoy the game letterbox because im using a small 32 inch led tv. Now its in full screen I certainly will enjoy it better.

  10. I am from Taiwan,
    and, It’s June 24 now!!

    I’d like to play it in full screen on PS4,
    however, the update could not be found.
    What’s wrong??

  11. That’s helpful. Maybe on larger TVs it wasn’t as much of a problem but it’s nice to have the game make full use of the TV. Not all squished into the middle of the screen like it was until now.

    • It’s more than a simple fullscreen toggle though, it actually increases the Field of View vertically by 40% because the letterbox format was cropping out what you would normally see underneath the black bars if the black bars didn’t exist. So now you can see what’s on the ground a heck of a lot easier because the FOV has been greatly expanded and you can see more of what’s above you as well.

      What the letterbox format was doing was essentially this: think of a game that’s running in full screen mode on your tv. Put long thin strips of cardboard across the top and bottom of your tv screen but without being able to change the aspect ratio so you are still unable to see what’s now underneath those strips of cardboard, that’s pretty much what the black bars were doing to the screen in TEW.

      Now with the fullscreen patch, instead of just seeing your character from the waist up while standing, you can now see down to almost your feet from the same angle. With the letterbox format, imagine you were standing at the bottom of a staircase and you couldn’t quite see the top 5 or 6 steps of that staircase. Now, with the fullscreen toggle and increased FOV, without changing the camera angle at all from where it was, if you switched to fullscreen mode you would then be able to see all the way up to the very top of the staircase from the same angle. Another words, the Field of View has been expanded dramtically. This is a HUGE improvement to the game =)

  12. Question: Have y’all fixed the PC version so that it supports ultrawide and/or multi-monitor setups? I was really looking forward to playing this game, given that it was designed to be played in a 21:9 aspect ratio (same as my monitor), and it was a real bummer to find out that it didn’t work with 21:9 resolutions.

  13. When I tried to play this yesterday after the update on PS4, the game fails to reload after you die. I have to completely quit and reload the game. Also, if you pause, you cannot un-pause. Again, have to quit and restart. Anyone else having this issue?

    • I should mention I’ve been playing for a few months with no issues. It seems to be only after this update. I’m on chapter 12 of 15 and didn’t experience any of this before yesterday. It’s basically unplayable, because as you all know, you die A LOT in this game.

      • USA, and I did. I sent them an email last night about the 12th time I died and had to reboot the game. Hope to hear from them soon.

          • yep, tried 3 different save files. If I pause the game, it is stuck. If I die, it is stuck. the screen is just frozen and I have to completely quit the game and start again. It has to be the update. I went back 3 chapters worth of saves. I’d love to finish this game if possible and I am super pissed about this. IT HAS BE THE TUESDAY UPDATE FILE. NOTHING WAS WRONG BEFORE IT. Is anyone else having issues? I know I’m late to the party on this game, so maybe there aren’t enough people to complain about the issue for it to matter? Batman just showed up to my door today, maybe I just forget about this game and play something else.

  14. Still theres no option on xbox 360 to remove the black bars!!After install the update I can see the DLC content but no option to remove the black bars! Will be there a fix for the xbox 360?

  15. There is no letterbox removal for Xbox 360 but thanks for lying to your customers. If you are going to say that things have been added to the game as an option for “X” platforms please make sure you put down the platforms that it’s ACTUALLY available on. Thanks.

  16. Hi Bethesda Software and Tango Gameworks your Game The Evil Within is So Good I Really Like The Cinematics And I Also like to thank Shinji Mikami Who created This game I Would like to know if Evil Within Will take Another Season Called The Evil Within 2 Bethesda soft Please let me know about the upcoming updates Pls Send It on Me if you would like to My Email is [email protected] it is google Mail Thanks For this game I Expect more of this updates I rate it 10/10 in my fave games

  17. The patch to take away the widescreen/black bars is so awesome, but I do wish there were a fov slider to adjust the distance that the character is from the screen.
    The game is now much more playable, but the fov option would make it even better.
    I do have to say thanks for the patch, as that shows that you do listen to the gamers.