Fallout Shelter: A Legendary Dweller from the Commonwealth


Beginning today, you’ll have the opportunity to unlock a new Legendary Dweller in Fallout Shelter: Preston Garvey of the Commonwealth Minutemen! Preston becomes the first Fallout 4 character available in Fallout Shelter and your dwellers will also have the opportunity to brandish the weapon he wields in Fallout 4: the Laser Musket.


Preston Garvey and the Laser Musket in Fallout 4


Look for Preston and the Laser Musket in Fallout Shelter lunchboxes beginning today. Fallout Shelter is available now for free on the App Store.

Reader Comments

  1. Can you get Preston Garvey (or any Legendary Dweller) through the Radio Sation? Are the Legendaries Lunch Box exclusive?

  2. Yeah….thanks. You got me once on this…not gonna happen again. Purchased a bundle of 40 Lunchboxes for $19.99. I got 1 (thats ONE) Legendary Dweller (Amata) out of 4×40 cards. 1 out of 160. Thanks, but no thanks. Zynga PTSD kicking in.

  3. Can you please stop trolling the majority of your fans or do you get some kind of sick pleasure from doing this?

  4. Yeah, I’m not holding my breath on a competent Android Version. I don’t even expect the pipboy all to be ready for Android on release. Like bug patches I really don’t think they will do it.

  5. cool, but my game crash everytime i load =/

    since i got a “kid” (thas right a kid!) from the radio, o couldn’t put him inside, so i restart the game, and now crash every time o load my vault =/

    IPAD AIR 2

  6. Bummed out that after buying 40 lunchboxes and getting my vault to 200 dwellers, the app now just crashes repeatedly when trying to load the vault at all. On an iPad Mini 3. Would be great to have this dweller, but I think I have to just give up. All that work and having a great vault going only never to be able to play it again is ridiculous.

  7. My level 50 upgraded Maria Brown disappeared after I upgraded the arcade she was in.

    Lost her the power armed she was in and Gatling gun she was equiped with.

    Any tips?