QuakeCon Impressions for DOOM and Fallout 4

image1Kudos to Owen “O1kenobi” Long on this amazing pic!

Jet lag be damned. We’re back after four day of fun at QuakeCon. Kudos to the event staff and volunteers for a memorable 20th anniversary.

Along with endless of hours of BYOC action, attendees got to see new presentations for Fallout 4 and The Elder Scrolls Online, and as a big surprise, were able to be the first to play DOOM multiplayer. Here’s some of the highlights.

Despite the blank expressions of 4,000 fans wearing Vault Boy masks, the crowd was filled with enthusiasm as Todd Howard shared new details on the game. At Game Informer, Andrew Reiner provides more than 2,500 thoroughly covering aspects of the game from the presentation. Here’s a small snippet:

We then see an image of a handful of Bethesda Game Works employees. On the floor is a German Shepherd named River, a female dog who was used for the motion capture and audio recording of Dogmeat. A video montage shows the various techniques the team used to capture River’s likeness, including frisbee throwing in the motion capture studio, stick fetching, and holding a mic in front of River to capture her sounds. “If we’re going to do the dog, we’re going to do this right,” Howard says.

For more Fallout 4 presentation impressions, read impressions from Polygon, IGN, and GamesRadar.

DOOM was a big hit at the show, too. On top of a panel featuring the most amazing gameplay description ever (Thanks Hugo!), players got their first

Guide Live – “Id Software is only showing off one map: A lava-filled complex with a lot of tight spaces and hidden nooks and crannies to find. We only played one mode, Team Deathmatch, in six vs. six games that lasted six minutes. Because 6, 6, 6. Because Doom. Demons. Get it?”

Polygon – “I really enjoyed my match (despite the fact that my team got steamrolled, 61 to 32), but it felt like a small piece of a more complete whole. According to executive producer Marty Stratton, there’s much more to the multiplayer experience of Doom — most of which hasn’t been announced yet.

PC Gamer – “There’s always going to be room for high-speed gore fests in online multiplayer, and based on my short time with it, Doom looks like it could be an extremely enjoyable entry in a very comfortable niche.”

Game Informer – “I got my hands on Doom’s multiplayer at this year’s QuakeCon, and walked away mighty impressed by its speed of combat, weapon functionality and feel, map design, massive amounts of carnage that can unfold at any given second, and, well, all of it. Id Software’s first showing of Doom’s multiplayer is exactly what I wanted it to be: fast-paced, retro in design, and a meat grinder of immediate action.”

IGN – “Doom multiplayer seems to have a great dual identity. It borrows the fun, arcade-like spirit from shooters like Perfect Dark and TimeSplitters and mixes it with the speed and gore of classic Quake.”

games.on.net – “It’s fast as hell and has distilled a lot of what was great about the first two games in the series, splicing it into an unholy union of old-school mechanics and contemporary design.”

Ars Technica – “So far, Doom is fast, exciting, and, most importantly, fun.

Motherboard – “The new Doom rewards the hesitant with death, the quick with brief victory, and it treats its own ability to crouch and take cover with some contempt. Scared? Need to take a breather? God forbid, want to play it safe? Then die, it seems to say.”

That’s all for now. As we recover from the madness that is QuakeCon, we’re sure to find more for you to chew on.

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  1. It would be really good if you simply uploaded the quakecon presentations onto your youtube account so that your potential customers could view and decide for themselves, rather than rely upon the ‘impressions’ of a bunch of writers as if we are still living in a time where barely anyone had access to fast and affordable online video.

      • I agree. Please upload some videos or pictures at least.

        You guys showed off new up close pictures of the Pipboy Edition, i think for all of us who Shelled out $130 to buy your product at least deserve some more in depth pictures of it.

        And maybe an instruction video on how it operates, i mean is it really so much to ask.

        We bought your product, and paid in advance for it, we at least should be able to see what we bought and paid for…