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  1. So is it gonna be like the lunch boxes in fall out shelter? AND has any one confirmed if there will be a car in the game where you can fix and drive like the handyman from fallout 2 BTW if there is some thing I could do like help the funding of this idea I would gladly donate some beans.

  2. Will I have to keep checking Bethesda to purchase this or have I already missed out, I’m really hoping I can get my hands on this so badly because I couldn’t buy the the pip-boy edition of fallout 4! This is so cool I love the team up(:

  3. I’ve never used lootcrate before and I don’t want to miss out on the Fallout 4 goodness so can you tell us if its just a single month or multiple months so I can plan accordingly. greatly appreciated.

  4. !!!!!!!!!!! If only I had money!!! I better have money by the time this comes out. I SO WANT IT! I know its going to go quicker than a death claw killing a mole rat….

    • Nobody asked u. A lot of people do care and that’s who this stuff is for. Go play with ur barbies and keep ur unwanted worthless opinions to urself

    • I don’t get it, for years the argument was “announce Fallout 4 already!” and now it’s “you’re trying to capitalize on that!”. The internet is weird.

  5. I havn’t been in the the fallout world for long, but I positively love it and enjoy all the effort you guys put into your games. I remember watching my dad play fallout 3 and now I get to pick up fallout 4. You guys are the best! You actually care about what your fans say, and put effort into your games. Unlike others that release crap every year. Love you guys at Bethesda, and there is a special place In my heart for the Fallout universe.

  6. I really don’t want to buy the fallout 4 loot crate and it be anything but fallout 4 merch, I know you guys are great at what you do, but fallout fans are die hard and have been waiting for this for years. Like I’m eager to see what’s in the box but if it doesn’t come with a game guide and is just bobble heads and different game merch, you will have many pissed off fans of a completely different franchise on your hands that will be left feeling bamboozled.

  7. Fallout is the only franchise that I am willing to buy pretty much anything that they release for it.
    I’d buy a limited edition of one of the developers shits if it was an option.

  8. I’m crossing my fingers I get to get one. I missed the pipboy preorder . I really want one. I signed up to get an email is there anything else I can do ??

    I’m feeling pretty doubtful I’ll get one since there’s only a really small number of them kinda stinks

  9. Being a long time fallout fan I am really enjoying all the exclusive stuff that is being released. Keep it up bethesda you are making my year!

  10. Probably a stupid question and you may not be able to answer it, but if you download the loot crate app on the App Store can you set it up to notify you when this becomes available? Really want to get this since I missed out on the pip boy edition and hard to check my emails at home. Gotta have my Fallout gear somehow!

    You guys rock!

  11. Yeah the ONLINE ONLY release for the pip boy special edition is a bunch of crap! I pre-ordered the game hours after it was announced, but I guess that’s how they like to treat their loyal customers.

    If Bethesda is reading this, I urge you to release more of the special editions to the retail stores.