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As we round up another week, we wanted to share some of the newest videos images from QuakeCon last week. And if you’re looking for good weekend reading, don’t forget to check out our roundup from earlier in the week. Enjoy!

Watch QuakeCon’s Retro to Real-Time Panel hosted by Geoff Keighley
Join Game Director Matt Firor & others for the latest on ESOTU!
Pete Hines holds court to discuss DOOM Multiplayer on Bonus Round

The Bonus Round returns to discuss Fallout 4 impressions from QuakeCon!

QuakeCon 2015

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shares some of our favorite memories from QuakeCon 2015. For more great photos, visit the community Flickr page.

Reader Comments

  1. It would be nice if a “offical spokes-person”, can explain to me the logic regarding not allowing your “loyal” fans the option to pre-order the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition?

  2. Regarding the lack of forth-site and not allowing your loved by you fans, the option to pre-order the fallout 4 pip-boy edition???

    I just find it a form of discrimination to the vast majority of your so-called loved and loyal fans?

    If you wanted to make this the best Fallout why not realize the “LIMITED” edition would spoil that claim of you loving you loyal fans.
    It looks like you only love a limited amount of fans?

    • They can’t meet the demand of the customers. That’s why. It’s like being a cashier and trying to get thousands through a line in a few hours. It’s practically impossible. The factories are already overworked doing more than they had to. There were several more waves than there was supposed to be. In the X amount of days, they can only produce a Y amount. They are at the max amount. It has nothing to do with loyal fans or whatnot. It’s supply and demand. Maybe if they had a few more months to finish this. Though I doubt even that.

      I do find it kind of odd how only Bethesda could cause this kind of outrage. Never before has a CE caused this much complaining and chaos. (if you want to call it that) I guess it shows how popular FO4 is.

      I understand in a way why you are angry, but Bethesda has went above and beyond of what other companies do. I applaud them for it. Most companies would not even try to make more Collector Editions. Collector Editions always were a thing that sold out fast. Just look hard enough and I am sure you’ll find a Pip-boy edition one day. I see quite a bit of the Fallout 3 Collector Editions around. All I can say is good luck.

  3. Man, one of these days I need to make it down for QuakeCon. It looks like so much fun! And well looky at the calander there, @Gstaff? I think it looks like PAX Prime ins one the horizon! I’m hoping for a Fallout theme party!!! The timing is right! @Gstaff – any hints as to plans or when you will be announcing?!?!? Thanks Guys!!