TwitchWorks Will See You Friday, Gnarfus

MinefieldChapter One and done! We’re working our way through Moira’s Wasteland Survival Guide quest, with things picking up (or blowing up) where we left off in Minefield.

Hilarity ensues as we traverse the toxic lands with Gnarfus Gnudsen, our princess of VATS, rads, and all things mutated in the Capital Wasteland.

Join us as we start things off with a BANG Friday, at 4pm ET only on

Reader Comments

  1. New Vegas! New Vegas! crucified by the weaboo mind of your fanboys.

    Fallout 3 is the swamp of creation for Skyrim, I can’t wait for the final insult with 4, the primal DNA: slow passing, short narrative, no substantial consequences, ton of details like a Pixar concept of world, minus quality and a overflow of craft, like a MMO.

    The pinnacle of dumbdown is coming.