Bethesda Blog: A Long Journey and What’s Next…


After eight years of bringing you the latest community happenings, interviews, news – and for things that are beyond words we are bidding a fond farewell to Bethesda Blog.

Starting tomorrow, will be our one-stop shop for the latest news and information on our games. As the site expands, it will offer ways for you to connect to our communities and to each other through features, forums, content sharing, and more. To be clear, the content you’ve come to expect from Bethblog isn’t going away, it’s just going to be incorporated into all the news and features we will have on’ll allow us to have a single-source for everything, on all our games, studios, and communities.

Visit today and you’ll see recent news and features and in the very near future, we’ll be rolling out the initial forums to start populating our new community hub. We know moving and the changes that come with it can be difficult. With that in mind, we’ll be listening and reacting to your feedback all along the way to ensure the best possible experience. Stay tuned for more details on the new site through our various social media channels.

With thousands of posts here on Bethesda Blog, we’ll be keeping the blog available as an archive of community memories from the last eight years.

Programming Note: Along with this transition, we’ve updated our main Twitter account to a new handle: @bethesda. Make sure your questions, your fan art, and anything else related to our games to the new handle.


Thanks for visiting Bethesda Blog!

Reader Comments

  1. I have many fond memories of poring over every post, partaking in the forums and witnessing Bethblog’s stylistic evolution over the years. It’s a poignant moment…farewelling the past and welcoming the new. Leaving the incredible Fallout 3 and Bethblog era and moving into the future with Fallout 4 and BethesdaNet.

    Thank you for creating Bethblog Matt. It’s a huge part of gaming history. I can NOT wait to see what BethesdaNet has in store.

  2. not your best move the replacement is a garbled mess by comparison i may well decide not to bother rather than go looking for new content

  3. For the last eight years, “” has rested at the top of my bookmark bar and has become a link that my computer has become so used to using. It became a part of my routine to check out the latest in the world of Bethesda. You are by far my favorite developer and I have a high appreciation for your amazing work. Although you claim will still keep up to date in the same way, I will miss this simple blog. The ad at the top, the boring grey side bars, and the random poles and facts on the right. I love the simplicity! Goodjob, Bethesda. You have made a lot of people happy. One of them being myself.

  4. Thanks for the memories everyone! And you guys too @Gstaff!!


    also, can I have a pip-boy edition? Pweeetty pweeese?

    I want, need, MUST HAVE!


  5. A bit sad to see ZeniMax wipe out another chunk of gaming history. gets snagged at the age-gate before it can archive EVERY SINGLE ZMI PROPERTY. Every snapshot of every bethsoft website is an archive of the age-gate redirect page. This is history being lost.

    The age-gate also breaks the RSS feed for every ZMI web page. As well as preventing google, facebook, twitter, and the like from generating proper thumbnails and summary text for their search and social cards. This makes sharing bethsoft links with friends a broken experience.

    The Age-Gate, Bethesda’s Legacy.

  6. Shoot, this is pretty disappointing. I come to this blog often because the site is well maintained and is updated frequently. You guys have done a great job of curating meaningful content over the years on BethBlog, and have used the site as a great platform to successfully manage a very passionate and loyal community.

    If I shoot over to as a basis for comparison, I see, well, not much. In fact, I’m pretty underwhelmed. The last post on was from two days ago. There’s just not much there. And you have so much to talk about right now!

    If you’re really getting rid of this blog, then there at least should have been companion posts from this site mirrored at during the transition period to give us the sense that the new site will be kept up well. However, I suppose that this would have tipped your hand about the fate of BethBlog.

    As it stands right now, I kind of get the feeling that is gonna be a bit neglected. The new features that you mentioned above should have been launched already if BethBlog is to be deprecated. This would have gotten everyone excited about migrating to the new site and would have done much to lessen the blow of losing BethBlog.

    I don’t know, perhaps I’m too emotional about this. Naw, screw that. I’m emotional because I’m a huge fan and I care. I guess I would ask that you guys do something to help assuage our concerns about the new site, and give us the sense that this great community will still be well taken care of.

    Thank you very much in advance,
    Bethesda Fan

  7. this will be missed! i’m sure the new site will have all the news, but it’ll also have a lot of other stuff going on. i liked this site because it was a straightforward and easy to read blog without anything getting in the way. as i always say: INRUIOBB, It’s Not Real Until It’s On BethBlog!