Brink Roundup

After last weekend’s Eurogamer Expo in London, there’s a ton of new coverage on Hunted, RAGE, Fallout: New Vegas, and Brink. With this roundup, we’ll cover the event’s home team, Splash Damage, and all the latest details on Brink.

We actually begin with news not from the Eurogamer Expo, but from the Penny Arcade Expo. Last week, GameTrailers put up a new walkthrough video they captured while in Seattle. Check out new footage from Container City above — featuring play-by-play commentary from Creative Director Richard Ham (and gameplay awesomeness from Media Director Richard Jolly).

For hands-on impressions from the Eurogamer Expo, check out the following sites…

We’ve also got a number of interviews to share. With the video interviews, there’s a fair amount of background noise, but if you put some headphones on, you should be good to go. Hit up the links below.


In other Brink news, Kotaku has a feature entitled “Meet the Pixar of Video Games.” It’s a feature on Blur Studios — the guys that created the official trailer for Brink (and many other memorable trailers).

That’s all for now. We’ll get updates for RAGE, New Vegas, and Hunted soon.

On Newsstands: Cover Stories for Brink and New Vegas


Cheers to our mates over in our London office for sending over these smashing covers .

With a setup like that, you’d think the image above is from a UK publication, but it’s actually from Australia’s PC Powerplay, who checked out Brink, RAGE, New Vegas, and Hunted at this year’s QuakeCon. For Aussies interested in reading their impressions, I’m told it’ll be on newsstands on Friday.

After the break, check out two new covers for Fallout: New Vegas.

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Eurogamer Expo Update: Playable titles


Earlier in the month, we let you know about the Hunted and RAGE presentations taking place at this year’s Eurogamer Expo (more on that in a bit), but we also wantd you to know we have playable titles at the show. Like QuakeCon and PAX, you’ll have a chance to go hands-on with Hunted, New Vegas and Brink. And with Brink, you’ll even have a chance to chat with with developers from Splash Damage.

One quick programming note, the presentation for Hunted has been moved to 3:30 PM on Saturday, October 2nd. For those wanting to see RAGE, that presentation will be shown each day at 5 PM.

For more details on this year’s show, head to the event’s official site. If you think you’d like to attend, you might want to purchase your tickets now (Saturday’s tickets are already sold out).

Brink roundup from PAX and beyond…


Today we have a look back at recent news coverage for Brink — both at PAX and GamesCom. Having attended the former myself, I can tell you the queue for the game was insane… with waits between two and four hours. Still, everyone I spoke to said it was worth the wait.

Apparently Machinima’s Inside Gaming crew thought so, too. This past week they declared the game best shooter of PAX (aka the Boom Headshot Award).

Meanwhile, Machinima Respawn interviewed Creative Director Richard Ham at the show. We’ve got the video embed and plenty more after the break.

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Don’t forget to vote for this year’s Golden Joystick nominees


Just a reminder that we’re less than two months away (October 29th) until this year’s Golden Joystick Awards are announced. Shortlist voting, which runs through October 25th, includes the following nominees…

108x108_onetowatch_button copy.jpg

One to Watch Award
Fallout: New Vegas
108x108_rpg_button copy.jpg
RPG of the Year Award
Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition
Ultimate Game of the Year Award
Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition

For more details on this year’s Golden Joysticks, head here.

BRINK Developer Diary #3 – The End of Genre As We Know It

Another Tuesday, another new Brink video documentary. In this week’s video, The End of Genre As We Know It, you’ll learn more about how Splash Damage is blurring the lines between single player and multiplayer, as well as online and offline play in Brink.

If you’ve missed the previous videos, check out  The Last Stand and The Dawn of S.M.A.R.T.

QuakeCon/GamesCom: On the Brink of a plenty to read…


This month at GamesCom and QuakeCon, we let both press and fans play Brink against human-controlled opponents for the first time — with both groups coming away impressed — so impressed that consumer areas, we saw players coming back for seconds and thirds.

Kotaku’s Stephen Totilo shares his experience playing the game at QuakeCon in a post titled, “Brink Is The Breakthrough That Makes 2011 Feel So Far Away.” To see why he feels that way, read his preview here.

More Brink coverage after the break…

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Beyond The Brink Parkour Tour climbs, leaps, and rolls through Europe


Bethesda and Splash Damage have teamed up with world-famous Freerunner Daniel Ilabaca for a unique Parkour event headed to Europe this month. Titled Beyond The Brink, the tour will be stopping in eight European cities to meet local freerunners and train with them. Along the way, Daniel and his crew will putting together short films and interviews with the local freerunning community at each location.

The tour’s first stop will be at Elephant & Castle in London tomorrow evening, with the remaining cities closely behind. Here are all of the tour’s stops:

  • London – 17th August
  • Amsterdam – 19th August
  • Cologne – 21st August
  • Copenhagen – 24th August
  • Vienna – 26th August
  • Milan – 28th August
  • Barcelona – 31st August
  • Paris – 2nd September

For information on exact locations and times, check out the Parkour Tour website.

If you’re interested in following the Parkour Tour and keeping up to date about its progress, you can do so on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

In addition to all this, Daniel will also on hand at gamescom 2010 on the 20th of August to answer questions, sign autographs, and, of course, to play lots of Brink!