Reminder: Today’s your last chance to enter the Brink poster contest


Like the headline says, today is your last chance to put your name in the hat for a chance to win one of the above Brink posters.

Not sure how to enter the contest? Check out our original post for all the details.

We’ll announce the big winners next week. Good luck!

Around the web: New interviews for Hunted and Brink

Here’s a quick roundup on new interviews for both Hunted: The Demon’s Forge and Brink.

Yesterday posted a new interview with inXile’s Brian Fargo. Watch the embedded to learn more about Hunted: The Demon’s Forge.

For Brink, Creative Director Richard Ham has been busy answering questions this week — with new interviews at HipHopGamerShow, NowGamer (who also have an all-new preview), Skewed & Reviewed, and IfMenHadWings.

If you fancy winning some prizes, IfMenHadWings has a contest to win a Brink poster… visit their site for more details. And on that note, April 15th is the final day to enter GameStop’s Brink Sweepstakes. Meanwhile, you’ve got until April 22nd to enter our Twitter/Facebook poster giveaway. Good luck!

Update: Gamasutra’s Chris Remo spent time talking about Hunted with inXile’s Brian Fargo during this year’s Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco. Read the interview here.

Meet the Brink team: Ronald Koppers


The latest Brink developer profile delves into the life of Ronald “Conine” Koppers, Splash Damage programmer extraordinaire.

Apparently the only Splash Dev stricken with Gamma ray poisoning, Canine Kop manages to keep his rage in check while detailing his daily duties and offering some sound advice. Here’s a snippet:

Do you have any tips for people wanting to break in?

Be honest to yourself. There’s no denying that the games industry is a wonderful place to work in, but that doesn’t mean that it’s for everyone. If the only reason you want to be a game developer is because you think games are cool, there’s a good chance that you will not last very long in this industry. To put it differently, the games industry isn’t looking for people that are only enthusiastic about games. It certainly helps, but other skills in programming, artistic, design or management are far more important as that’s needed to actually create games. Ask yourself if you really have a skill that the games industry needs and be honest to yourself about your motivation to get into this industry.

Have a read of Conine Kop’s full interview here.

Around the web


We’re back with another “Around the Web” with plenty of good stuff to check out.

This morning on Kotaku, I spotted this awesome Fallout 3 fan art bey Deviant Artist Patrick Brown. Looks like I’ve got a new desktop background. You can find more of Patrick’s work here. And if you’ve got artwork to contribute to the blog, send it in…we’ll be putting up new entries soon.

In other Fallout community news, we got an email letting us know about a song titled “Vault 101” by Kirby Krackle. Head to their website to give it a listen (lyrics can be found here).

Moving to Brink news, IncGamers has a new online interview with Splash Damage’s Paul Wedgwood, Richard Ham, and Ed Stern. The interview covers the gamut: Splash Damage’s roots, their staff, and their plans and goals for Brink. Props to IncGamers for their clever edits.

Elsewhere, check out Girl Gamers UK preview on Brink..

Neilie Johnson of GameShark has posted her impressions of Hunted: The Demon’s Forge. Head here to read the full preview, but first, here’s a snippet discussing some of the attacks you’ll have at your disposal:

“During the demo we were shown spells ‘Hellfire’, which shot a big ol’ fireball, and ‘Levitate’, which rendered enemies helpless by lifting them off the ground. We were also shown a co-operative mechanic called ‘Battlecharge’, in which one character charged up another with spells, giving both of them more power.”

Finally, at this year’s MI6 awards for marketing, our promotional video for WET, “Shot at Love”, won a Silver award. Congrats to the marketing teams here at Bethesda and Ayzenberg for their work.

As more news comes in, we’ll keep you posted. on the Brink

If you’re looking for a short and sweet take on Brink,’s recent First Look video (shown above) should suit your needs.

Calling Brink a “truly unique take on the multiplayer action-game genre,” the site hits on the style, character customization, team-based gameplay and free-form movement mechanics that make up the game’s features.

Don’t forget to check out the big Brink sweepstakes on GameStop for a chance to win an LED TV, and our own Bethblog contest to win dozens of free Brink posters.

Two weeks left to win an LED TV in GameStop’s Brink Sweepstakes


Just a reminder that GameStop’s Brink Sweepstakes ends on April 15th. In case you missed it, you’ve got a chance to win:

  • A 55″ LED TV
  • 5.1 Surround Sound Home Entertainment System
  • Choice of a PlayStation3® or Xbox [email protected] console

Head to GameStop to enter. The official rules for the sweepstakes can be found here (sorry Mom, the rules say you’re not eligible).

Around the web


The internet asked me to pass along this information on our games. I’m happy to comply. is currently running their GameDays10 promotion, and one of their deals is that you can pick up Fallout 3 (PS3, 360) for a low price of $19.99. Head here for more details.

GamePro has a new interview with Brink’s Game Director Paul Wedgwood. It’s a good read with information about Splash Damage and their work on Brink. Here’s a snippet:

GamePro: How has the group’s history helped in the creation and building of a new IP?

Paul Wedgwood: The idea of setting a game inside a floating arcology was actually one of the first things I wanted to do even before we founded Splash Damage, but the technology to really pull that off wasn’t available at the time. When we were close to finishing up Enemy Territory: Quake Wars in 2007 and starting to think about our next game, that idea immediately popped back into my head, and I worked with Ed Stern, now our Lead Writer, to come up with a compelling narrative for it.

For more on Brink check out new interviews with Creative Director Richard Ham and NowGamer and IncGamers.

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Brink Contest: SMART People Can Win One of 4 Dozen Stylish Posters


Unlike the resource-strapped Ark, we have a lot of spare materials laying around at Bethesda — like stacks and stacks of incredibly slick Brink posters. And unlike the segregated Security and Resistance factions, we’re willing to share.

So here’s the deal: we’re giving away 8 of each of the above posters, for a total of 48 tubes mailed to the doors of Brink fans. All you need to do for a chance to win is enter the contest on either Facebook or Twitter (or both).

Those familiar with our Fallout: New Vegas poster contest — which we’ll have the results of shortly — will know what to do on Twitter. Simply re-tweet the official contest announcement on @BrinkGame for a chance to win 30 of the posters.

On Facebook, we’re giving you more of a preference. We’ll be posting one new poster image per day over the next six days. Just go to and “Like” one of the six poster images to be entered to win that poster. Of course, if you like them all, you’ll certainly have a better chance to win.

Click through for the official contest rules. Good luck!

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Brink site re-launches, includes cool new footage and features


It’s an exciting day for Brink. On top of the cinematic trailer release, the official site has received a radical makeover.

For instance, check out the flashy Ark walkthrough, which provides an introduction to the various locales you’ll run, jump and dive across on the mid-ocean, war-torn island.

Also be sure to hit up the features page, which provides a run-down of Brink’s advanced character customization, as well as new in-game video highlighting the game’s SMART movement system.

And definitely head over to the community portal to sign up for the Brink newsletter; we’ll be sharing some interesting info on it that you won’t want to miss.

Enjoy the new content, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.