PAX East and Beyond: Hunted/Brink roundup

Over the past month, folks from around the world have had a chance to go hands on with both Hunted and Brink. Here’s a recap of the latest coverage — beginning with X-Play’s PAX East preview featuring both games. Watch it above.

After the break, we’ve got plenty more coverage on both titles — including video previews from GameTrailers.

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Brink PAX East Party Report

Last Friday, over 1,000 Brink fans converged on Boston’s Black Falcon Terminal — an actual seaport nearby the PAX East convention center — for our massive Brink’d community event. The results are encapsulated in this early batch of photos (above).

As you’d expect, Brink was played non-stop for the duration, with 48 setups providing full 8-on-8 matches. Multiple developers from Splash Damage were on hand to chat with players and make sure the matches ran smoothly. Meanwhile, DJ R-Rated kept the music flowing, a staff of pizza runners provided a constant stream of food, a team of graffiti artists threw up tags on the walls, and much free stuff was given away.

At 10:15pm, one bank of Brink stations was set aside for our celebrity match, featuring Seth Killian of Capcom, Jason Kim and Matt Hooper of id Software, Abbie Heppe of Respawn, James Stevenson of Insomniac, Chet Faliszek of Valve, David Ellis of 343 Industries, Pete Hines of Bethesda, Paul Wedgwood of Splash Damage, and more. Following the match, a donation of $20,000 was made to the Penny Arcade charity Child’s Play in the winning team’s honor.

Thanks to everyone who attended for making this a night to remember. And if you didn’t get a chance to stop by, keep in mind that Brink hits stores in just a few months on May 17.

New Brink gameplay video

A brand-new Brink gameplay clip is up, offering a glimpse at the game’s classes and how they work together on the battlefield. Titled “A Matter of Class”, the trailer also shows off this year’s playable PAX East centerpiece Security Tower along with a few other of the Ark’s districts.

If you missed it a couple of weeks ago, don’t forget to check out the Choir of Guns trailer, too.

Brink releases on May 17th in North America and May 20th in Europe. That’s less than two months away! For more details on the game, visit

PAX East – Q: What does the code mean? A: A gift card for you!

Earlier this week, we shared the public invite for our Brink event at PAX East (tonight at 8 pm!). When we posted it, we received questions from folks wondering about that funky-looking barcode (also in the image above). That’s a QR code, and with it, smartphone users can access our PAX East mini-site for Brink. The page features wallpapers, screenshots, videos, and an opportunity to get a $5 gift card with your pre-order for Brink at Best Buy.

To access the page, snap a pic of the QR code with your smartphone and load a QR code app. If you’re at a desktop computer, you can get more details here.

Brink Mega Roundup

Brink made a huge splash (pun intended) at recent stops in LA, NY, and parts of Europe. We already covered off on some coverage last week (as has Splash Damage on their site), but there’s plenty more to share. To get started, watch the GameTrailers video (above) with the game’s creative director, Richard Ham.

Elsewhere, Lee Bradley of recently played the game, and it sounds like Splash Damage’s goals for the game spoke directly to him. Here’s a snippet of his preview:

“Because the truth is, an FPS hasn’t had me that intrigued for a long time. Perhaps it’s timing, perhaps its design or maybe it’s just the infectious energy of the development team. They know they’re onto something good. Brink could be very special indeed.”

We’ve only scratched the surface on the new coverage. After the break, find out why Destructoid claims the game “truly looks to have something for everyone” and more.

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PAX East: Boston Brink Community Event

Going to be in Boston on Friday night? Join us at the Black Falcon Terminal — conveniently located nearby the PAX East Boston Convention Center — for an opportunity to get your hands on Brink.

We’ll have three full 8-on-8 setups running the game in a massive terminal on the waterfront. Food, beverages, music and entertainment are all on us. Attendees will also have the chance to score some sweet swag, including a custom Brink facemask (pictured above). Space is limited, so be sure to get there early if you want to guarantee yourself playtime and giveaways.

Event is first come, first serve. See you there!

Hunted, RAGE, and Brink invade Beantown

Do you like apples?

This weekend we’re off to Boston, where we’ll be feelin’ the good vibrations at PAX East. At our booth, you’ll have a chance to go hands on with both Hunted and Brink — with developers from inXile and Splash Damage on hand to answer your questions. For Hunted, you’ll be able to play the game cooperatively on a level that’s never been shown to the public. Meanwhile, those playing Brink will have an opportunity to play a new level, Security Tower, which sees desperate Resistance fighters attempting to break one of their own out of the Security’s main headquarters on the Ark.

After playing the games, you’ll leave the booth feeling cooler than Matt Damon — as you’ll be Departeding with t-shirts for both games.

On Friday night, we can’t promise you Steven Tyler, but you’ll feel like a rock star if you attend our Brink’d community event (8-11 PM) at the Black Falcon Terminal. Just a Brady-to-Moss toss away from the Boston Convention Center, on hand we’ll have multiple 16-player setups with developers from Splash Damage playing against members of the community. We’ll also be handing out some wicked cool giveaways. Space is limited, so get there early!

And while it’s too early to see home runs over Fenway’s Green Monster, you’ll see huge mutants in our special presentations for RAGE (Friday and Saturday at 1:30 PM in the Wyvern Theatre) being presented by id Software’s Jason Kim and Matt Hooper. Attendees of the event will receive a limited “Wingstick” t-shirt and have a chance ask questions following the presentation.

How do ya’ like them apples?!?

New hands-on Brink previews arrive

Over the last couple of weeks, press from all over the world got a chance to personally sample some Brink multiplayer mayhem. Today, previews are starting to hit the internet.

Here’s a smattering of the early birds — we’ll add more to the list as sites update throughout the week. Also, be sure to check out the new video interviews: GameSpot talked with Paul Wedgwood, G4TV and NowGamer with Richard Ham, and Pixel Enemy with Ed Stern.

  • We absolutely can’t wait until May 17th to get 8 of our friends together to save the Ark…and to escape it.” – Co-optimus
  • “Brink is a game the online FPS gaming world has been needing for a long, long time.” – Perezstart
  • “With Brink, Splash Damage is taking the intensity and variety that made them famous, and doing its best to repackage it with more than a little charm.” – Eurogamer
  • “Brink looks like it’s shaping up to be the most forward-thinking co-op game to come out in a while.” – Mercury News
  • “Five Things You’re Gonna Love About Brink” – Complex
  • “…deserves to be mentioned as one of the most anticipated shooters of 2011” – Electricpig
  • “Splash Damage are preparing one of the most interesting shooters in a long time. May can’t come quick enough.” – TheSixthAxis
  • “Brink is a game of enormous scope and depth and, frankly, I can’t remember playing pre-release code that has made me feel this way for quite some time…” – Incgamers
  • “Brink was a hell of a lot of fun.” – GameFront
  • Brink is shaping up to be a hugely enjoyable multiplayer experience.” – Spong

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