Brian Wood Memorial Trust Auction ends tomorrow

Just a quick reminder that our eBay auctions — with all proceeds going towards the Brian Wood Memorial Trust — end tomorrow. If you’re looking for some holiday gifts, here’s the items you can bid on:

Good luck to all the bidders.

Around the web: Great feature on Brink at CG Society


We’re back with another roundup!

We start off with a great new feature up at CG Society on Brink. The piece delves into the game’s unique art design — with a look at the games characters, environments, and more. Definitely check it out — there’s plenty of never-before-seen concept art.

For more on Brink, check out these sites:

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Cool stuff for a great cause

One of the most commonly asked questions Nick and I receive is, “Where can I get some of the cool swag you give out at events?” While we don’t always have leftovers to use for giveaways, we were recently able to secure some pretty cool items for our games… and it’s all for a good cause.

As many of you already know, over Labor Day weekend, Company of Heroes Online lead designer Brian Wood was tragically killed in a car accident while saving the lives of his wife and unborn child. Since then, we’ve seen tons of support for Brian’s family from within game development community, and we decided that we’d like to help out, too. Over the past couple months, we’ve started working on collecting items to auction off on eBay — with all proceeds of the auctions going to The Brian Wood Memorial Trust.

Beginning today, these are the items we’re auctioning off:

All auctions are running now and will end in seven days. This is your chance to get some cool, limited stuff in time for the holidays. To those that win, we thank you for helping contribute to Brian’s family.

Update: Despite what the listing says, we will ship to winners outside of the US.

More from the Brink Parkour Tour

Wanted to share this crazy leap from Daniel Ilabaca’s Beyond the Brink: 2010 European Parkour Tour. Remember, Daniel’s a professional… don’t try this at home. Yikes!

This week, the YouTube Channel for Daniel’s tour has new videos from the tour in Vienna — watch them here.

Also, in more game-related news, you can watch a new interview with Paul Wedgwood on YouTube from Platform32. Catch it here.

Around the web


Time for another adventure through various reviews, features, interviews, and more. Check out the latest below…

Over the past couple months, we’ve let you know about the Schwarzenegger v. EMA case. Today’s the big day, as the Supreme Court has begun hearing the case. In preparation for the hearing, the The Wall Street Journal featured an article about the case, which actually features our very own Pete Hines.

For more details on the case, visit here. Kotaku already has a writeup on today’s oral arguments.

More news from around the web after the break…

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Brink parkour tour hits Amsterdam

This just in from Amsterdam — Daniel Ilabaca is still crazy. We have video proof.

That’s right, the Beyond the Brink parkour tour has officially launched its freerunning film series. Ilabaca’s daring moves will be on display across eight European cities — in this case, good ole Amsterdam.

Give the clip a gander above. Then check out the bonus video after the Brink.

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Around the web: Brink wins Eurogamer Expo Game of Show


Like whack-a-mole, we put up new coverage roundups, and more and more stuff keeps popping up. In addition to our recent updates for RAGE, Brink (parts 1 and 2), New Vegas, and Hunted… we’ve MORE news to share.

Kicking things off, we’re excited to share news that Brink was named the #1 Game of Show at this year’s Eurogamer Expo. You can check out the top ten games here (which includes New Vegas as well). Congrats to the team at Splash Damage for their efforts both on the game and at recent trade show events.

Also ranking the top games from the show was split/screen co-op — who ranked New Vegas, Brink, and Hunted in their top 10. Swap New Vegas out for RAGE, and that pretty much sums up the most recent Eurogamer podcast. Definitely worth listening to, the podcast features RAGE’s Tim Willits, Hunted’s Maxx Kaufman, and Brink’s Ed Stern.

More after the break…

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Brinking the news to you…

Keeping with Brink news, we’ve got more previews and interviews to share from this year’s Eurogamer Expo.

Above, Game Director Paul Wedgwood gives a Container City walkthrough to the fine folks at Destructoid. If you haven’t seen them already, we have HD-quality videos up on Brink’s official site.

After sharing reactions from Eurogamer Expo attendees, Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s Quintin Smith brings us his hand-on impressions — discussing why the winning in Brink is cool…

“Some of it’s down to the SMART system, which in Splash Damage language means “Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain” and in English means “A sprint button that also causes your character to go hurtling up and over things automatically”. You’ll jump small gaps, vault fences, and go mantling up onto high ledges. Most importantly, tapping crouch while sprinting like this drops your character into a long slide, which is actually both evasive and aggressive. You can shoot during it (with much-reduced accuracy), and sliding into another player knocks them over.”

For more on Brink, check out the following links…


And in case you missed it, you can read more Eurogamer Expo coverage for Brink in a post we did last week.

Beyond the Brink Interview

With the Beyond The Brink: European Parkour Tour videos beginning to go up this week, we caught up with Daniel Ilabaca to discuss his tour, which included a trip to the Bethesda booth at GamesCom.

You attended GamesCom… did you do anything special parkour stuff for the show?

Gamescom was great, really enjoyed playing the game with Splash Damage’s Paul Wedgwood. We had a few appearances on stage where I pulled off a flip or two for the people. Other than that most of the day was spent doing interviews and learning how to play the game. Continue reading full article ›

Beyond The Brink: European Parkour Tour

In August, we let you know about the Beyond The Brink: European Parkour Tour featuring world-famous freerunner Daniel Ilabaca. Beginning this week, you’ll be able to watch documentary clips of Daniel’s tour across Europe. Here’s a rundown of when his videos will be premiering on the tour’s YouTube Channel.

  1. Wednesday 13th October & Friday 15th October – London
  2. Tuesday 19th October & Friday 22nd October – Amsterdam
  3. Tuesday 26th October & Friday 29th October – Cologne
  4. Tuesday 2nd November & Friday 5th November – Copenhagen
  5. Tuesday 9th November & Friday 12th November – Vienna
  6. Tuesday 16th November & Friday 19th November – Milan
  7. Tuesday 23rd November & Friday 26th November – Barcelona
  8. Tuesday 30th November & Friday 3rd December – Paris
  9. Tuesday 7th December & Friday 11th December – ‘Surprise’ film from (Parkour birthplace) Lisse/Evry to sum tour up

For a sneak peak at the documentary series, watch the trailer above. Afterwards, you can compare his moves with the ones performed in the official Brink trailer.