New developer diary from Chris Avellone


Fallout: New Vegas Senior Designer Chris Avellone has a new diary up on the Fallout official site. In the diary, Chris talks about his experience returning to the Fallout franchise. Here’s a quick look…

“To have the chance to come back to Fallout when you thought it was closed off to you was something that surprised all of us. The opportunity to work with Fallout: New Vegas is not just something I’ve been grateful and happy to be a part of, it was something the future held in store that exceeded all my expectations.”

Read the rest of the diary, which includes a piece of concept art for Mr. House, here.

Fallout: New Vegas Video Developer Diary #3

The third video diary for Fallout: New Vegas is live and posted above. In this week’s episode, the team at Obsidian discuss the game’s art direction — sharing details on how they captured the essence of the Mojave desert and the classic, Rat Pack-era of Las Vegas.

If you’ve missed the previous two videos, you can watch them on our YouTube Channel.

BRINK Developer Diary #3 – The End of Genre As We Know It

Another Tuesday, another new Brink video documentary. In this week’s video, The End of Genre As We Know It, you’ll learn more about how Splash Damage is blurring the lines between single player and multiplayer, as well as online and offline play in Brink.

If you’ve missed the previous videos, check out  The Last Stand and The Dawn of S.M.A.R.T.

Brink Developer Diary #1 — The Last Stand

We’ve just released Brink’s first video developer diary, “The Last Stand,” and have made it available to watch both on our YouTube Channel. Go behind the scenes with the team at Splash Damage as they discuss the war-torn setting of the Ark and the factions vying for control of it.

For more information on Brink, visit the game’s official site.

This Dev Diary will make you SMARTer


Get SMART by reading the latest Developer Diary for Brink. This time around, we’ve got Splash Damage’s Aubrey Hesselgren, who takes you through the process of implementing Brink’s innovative feature, SMART (Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain). Here’s an excerpt from Hesselgren, who in a previous life was quite active in the London Parkour scene…

“Six or seven years ago, for a brief period, I wasn’t fat. I was lean, fast, agile and well exercised. For once I had a hobby which could reasonably be mentioned in polite company. Friends and relatives assumed (wrongly) that I took to the roofs of Southampton at night, doing back flips over cool bad guys. Not quite, but I had discovered Parkour: the art of efficiently moving up, over, across and through whatever obstacle gets in your way.”

For the rest of Aubrey’s must-read diary, head here.

Brink Developer Diary #3 — Ed Stern


In the first two Developer Diaries for Brink, Game Director Paul Wedgwood introduced you to Brink and the team behind it, while Art Director Olivier Leonardi talked in depth about the direction of the game’s art style.

In this third diary, Lead Writer Ed Stern explains how Brink’s environment communicates the game’s narrative.

Here’s Ed!

The Writing on the Wall

At Splash Damage, we believe that a game’s environment is the best narrative medium we have. Compelling environments allow players to pull in information from their surroundings without having to be held hostage by an NPC lecturing them on The Way Things Were. We knew we wanted to use our game environments to tell the story, so they’d need to be packed with detail.

We created a design goal internally called IDC:  Instant/Deep Context. Basically it’s the old axiom “Show, don’t Tell”. If we get IDC right, then when the player looks at a game asset they immediately and intuitively grasp where they are (that’s the “Instant” part). And the more they look at the assets, the more the cumulative narrative detail builds up, and the more they see how the game world works and how it came to be that way (that’ll be the “Deep”).

So, how did we go about creating the story and setting for Brink?

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Brink Developer Diary #2 — Olivier Leonardi

Container City - Sniper Point014.jpg

Back in August, we shared Paul Wedgwood’s Diary introducing you to Brink. As a follow up, we’ve got Olivier Leonardi — Art Director on Brink.

Read below to find out about Brink’s unique visual style — from character designs to the contrasting styles of the environments.

Take it away, Olivier…

“What do you mean, they’re building it?” That was my first reaction when Richard Jolly, our Media Director, told me about the Brink stand at Gamescom 2009. Even though he pulled out the plans, I still couldn’t believe him: “They’re building a life size Container City?! Surrounded by water? And an 8-metre replica Founder’s Tower sitting in the middle of it all??”

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