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If you followed QuakeCon coverage last month, you likely saw the amazing Fallout-inspired PC that was on hand at the event’s BYOC.

I recently caught up with the computer’s creators, Michael Kraft (case builder) and Adam Stark (configured computer and programmed game). With names like those, expect these two Plano, TX natives to build amazing computers for years to come.

When did you guys decide to do the Fallout computer for QuakeCon?

We first thought of it in 2009, but what really got things moving was winning a Sapphire Edge mini-pc at the PC Perspective Workshop at Quakecon 2011. Prior to that, we had tossed around the idea but couldn’t find a motherboard that would fit the form factor we were looking for. With this tiny PC we won, that changed everything and we realized that hey, we could really do this.

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Around the web: Brink wins Eurogamer Expo Game of Show


Like whack-a-mole, we put up new coverage roundups, and more and more stuff keeps popping up. In addition to our recent updates for RAGE, Brink (parts 1 and 2), New Vegas, and Hunted… we’ve MORE news to share.

Kicking things off, we’re excited to share news that Brink was named the #1 Game of Show at this year’s Eurogamer Expo. You can check out the top ten games here (which includes New Vegas as well). Congrats to the team at Splash Damage for their efforts both on the game and at recent trade show events.

Also ranking the top games from the show was split/screen co-op — who ranked New Vegas, Brink, and Hunted in their top 10. Swap New Vegas out for RAGE, and that pretty much sums up the most recent Eurogamer podcast. Definitely worth listening to, the podcast features RAGE’s Tim Willits, Hunted’s Maxx Kaufman, and Brink’s Ed Stern.

More after the break…

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GameTrailers tackles ‘The Science of Fallout’

Over at, Daniel Kayser caught up with world-renowned physicist, Dr. Michio Kaku, to find out what a post-nuclear world would be like. In the feature, you learn how some effects would be similar to the world of Fallout, while others… not so much.

And if you’re wondering, no, neither Wolverine or Hugh Jackman will be appearing in Fallout: New Vegas.

Weekend update: New Vegas Edition

Last night’s broadcast of GameTrailers TV is now online – watch above to learn more about Fallout: New Vegas from the game’s Project Director, Josh Sawyer. Use the slider above to search for the segment (it follows info on the latest God of War game), or watch it in HD at (just skip ahead to Chapter 3).

For a different take on New Vegas, watch last night’s story from Channel 8 News NOW (KLAS). The piece discusses the game in broad strokes (and features Josh Sawyer), while also asking if the real Las Vegas is prepared for similar circumstances.

Finally, at Comic-Con yesterday, Obsidian’s Chris Avellone, John Gonzalez, and George Ziets participated in the panel,”Fallout: Writing for Evolving Game Franchises.” Read a panel recaps at Gamespot, G4TV, and Kotaku.

IGN offices: No one ever enters, no one ever leaves


This week we got a note from David Clayman, Executive Editor at IGN, who shared with us plenty of pics of their conference room, which is now a real-life tribute to Vault 101. Below David explains the transformation that took place.

“The conference room was completed by Me, Erik Brudvig, Kevin Janiak, and Peer Schneider. There are a few details that don’t show up that well on camera like the pile of bobby pin lock picks, a fake blood pack, Lincoln’s repeating rifle, and many scattered bottle caps. Also, I personally sewed the extra star on that flag.”

David also mentioned the jukebox plays music from Fallout 3. Pretty sweet, though I’m going to have to re-think my bedroom re-modeling plans. Maybe I’ll rebuild Kvatch instead.

More pics after the break…

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Fallout in the Real World: An underground Vault in the Mojave

This week I’ve received emails (both from folks here and throughout the community) of this NBC News video on an underground fallout shelter in the Mojave desert.

Vivos — self described as a “the ultimate underground shelter solution for surviving these uncertain times” already has plans to create shelters across the nation (no word if they’ll be known by specific numbers). According to the video, each shelter is intended to hold up to 200 people and spaces in the vault will cost around $50,000.

For more on the Vivos Underground Shelters, including pictures from within, head here.

Fallout in the Real World: Vault Pics


Recently I received an email from Bethesda Blog reader Daniel Picard — who was given the unique opportunity to visit a local fallout bunker just outside of Ottawa, Canada. Being a fan of Fallout 3, he took some pictures with his Vault Boy Bobblehead and even added some HUD effects. At first glance, I actually thought I was looking at a screenshot.

To see more of Dan’s photo work, head to his blog. And if you have interesting photos, art, video, etc. to share, shoot us an email at [email protected].