Fallout: New Vegas Official Strategy Guide Blog — Mapping the Mojave: Stunning Vistas, and Slaughtered Settlers

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After a one week hiatus, David Hodgson, author of the Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide, returns to discuss to discuss places you’ll visit on your trip to the Mojave Wastleand..

Here’s David…

A lonely shack, slowly rusting in the dry heat of the Nevada sun. But what oddities are contained within? Traps? A crazed Prospector? Moonshine? The guide knows all….

Sometimes you need to take a moment from your massacring of the Viper Gunslingers, and gaze out across the arid plains where sharecropper farmers are eking out an existence using a mixture of chutzpah and NCR-owned water. Or, go swimming in Lake Mead, and drink as much radiation-free H2O as you can… before you’re set upon by savage Lakelurks. Where the Capital Wasteland was a pock-marked mess of radioactive hot-spots and shacks containing madmen named Dave, the Mojave Wasteland has much more of its natural environment intact. New Vegas contains just as many shack-dwelling madmen. Perhaps the most deranged is known as No-Bark Noonan. He lives with his shotgun traps and showroom dummy friends.

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Geof Darrow signing New Vegas lithographs at NY Comic Con this weekend


If you missed Geof Darrow — renowned comic artist, and the man behind the cover of the New Vegas graphic novel “All Roads” — at the last Comic Con, and you’re planning on attending this weekend’s New York Comic Con, you’re in luck.

Darrow (pictured above right) will be signing lithographs of the cover starting at 10am on Saturday at his booth on the show floor’s Artist Alley. They’re going to go quick, so make sure to get there early!

Get the Digital Collector’s Edition for Fallout: New Vegas at Direct2Drive


Direct2Drive today revealed they have exclusive rights to the digital collector’s edition of Fallout: New Vegas. So what’s in the virtual box?? In addition to receiving Fallout: New Vegas, you’ll receive a digital version of “All Roads” — the 48-page digital graphic novel that was created in conjunction with Dark Horse comics and written by Obsidian Entertainment’s Creative Director, Chris Avellone.

The digital package is available today for pre-order on Direct2Drive and will be available for download in North America on October 19, 2010 and in Europe on October 22, 2010. Additionally, those that pre-order the digital collector’s edition will still receive the Tribal Pack detailed here.

New Vegas News: It’s done! Plus PC reqs, and cake


As you may have heard in this week’s episode of The Bethesda Podcast, Fallout: New Vegas is officially finished and off to manufacturing. Congratulations to the team!

In other news, look at that cake. It was presented to New Vegas designer Robert Lee on his birthday, which happened to coincide with the official end of development.

“Complete surprise birthday present from my wife,” says Lee. “I had no clue she was planning this.”

The cake was designed by Christopher Garrens, whose Costa Mesa bakery “Let Them Eat Cake” is regularly featured on WEtv’s Amazing Wedding Cakes. Click here and here for a few more angles.

Also on the podcast, we revealed the PC system requirements for New Vegas. In case you missed it, here they are in chart form:


The Bethesda Podcast Episode 3: Parity Error


It’s all New Vegas, all the time on the third episode of The Bethesda Podcast.

In our first segment we sat down again with Fallout: New Vegas senior producer Jason Bergman for a lightning round of fan questions ahead of the game’s October 19 release — including an update on the PC system requirements from a special guest. Then it’s on to our long talk with Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart on all things Fallout.

You can now grab the podcast via any of the following methods:

Download Link

Test your Skills in the New Vegas Facebook sweepstakes


Step right up, internet ladies and gentle-gamers, and take a chance at winning a trip to the Fallout: New Vegas launch party by playing our Facebook game.

That’s right: we’ve fashioned a Facebook game that not only tests your New Vegas Skills — an important step that we all must take following face-gen — but also enters you in a massive sweepstakes. The prizes are pretty excellent, and too numerous to sum up shortly. Here’s the full list:

Grand prize (1 winner): A trip for 2 to Las Vegas for the Bethesda/Fallout New Vegas Launch Party on 10/16/10 at the Palms Hotel and Casino, entrance to the Kim Kardashian 30th birthday party at Tao Nightclub, round trip coach air transportation for the Grand Prize winner and his/her guest to Las Vegas, NV, 2 nights hotel accommodations, a Fallout: New Vegas Collector’s Edition, and $300 spending cash.

First prize (1 winner): A  trip for 2 to Las Vegas, including round trip airfare for the First Prize winner and his/her guest to Las Vegas, NV, 2 nights hotel, and a Fallout: New Vegas Collector’s Edition.

Second prizes (3 winners): An Xbox 360® Game Console, 1600 Microsoft Points and the Fallout: New Vegas Collector’s Edition.

Third prizes (100 winners): A Fallout New Vegas t-shirt.

So what are you waiting for? Take the Skills test now. You’ll have to get your entry in by 11:59:59 PM ET on October 5th, and be a US resident, to be considered eligible for a prize. Click below to check out the full rules list.

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Fallout: New Vegas Video Developer Diary #3

The third video diary for Fallout: New Vegas is live and posted above. In this week’s episode, the team at Obsidian discuss the game’s art direction — sharing details on how they captured the essence of the Mojave desert and the classic, Rat Pack-era of Las Vegas.

If you’ve missed the previous two videos, you can watch them on our YouTube Channel.

Around the Web: Post Apocalyptic Double Feature


On a business trip out to Phoenix, I’m taking advantage of the flight’s wifi. Here’s a web update covering news for both Fallout: New Vegas and RAGE.

Kicking things off, Planet Fallout had a chance to interview Obsidian’s Chris Avellone — asking questions both on his career and New Vegas. For more interviews with members of the team, keep an eye on the site in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile at PC Gamer this weekend, the site has a new hands-on preview, as well as an interview with Senior Producer Larry Liberty. Here’s a quick look at the latter, as Larry talks about some of his favorite weapons in the game:

PC Gamer: What are your favourite new items and weapons that we’ll discover in New Vegas?

Larry Liberty: I really like the Ballistic Fist – it’s essentially a tiny shotgun grafted onto a gauntlet. It’s activated by a pressure plate when impacting a target. Perfect for the unarmed fighters among us. Euclid’s C-Finder has the single coolest weapon effect in the game. It’s a space-based mega-weapon that has its own quest line. Spears are really fun for Melee fighters. We’ve added the ability to throw weapons, and in the case of the spear you can literally pin limbs to walls, with or without the victim. If you prefer a more traditional, conventional FPS weapon, the Light Machine Gun is fantastic. It has a high rate of fire, and with the right ammo type can handle most enemies rather easily.

To read the rest of PC Gamer’s interview, head here. And more more coverage on the game, check out the following:

For the latest news on RAGE, read on after the break.

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