The First-Person Observer addresses age-old Elder Scrolls dilemma


Ever wonder what the shopkeepers of Tamriel do with the metric tons of armor you sell them? The first edition of The First-Person Observer answers this question, and more.

The Observer is the latest site designed by friend of the Bethblog Christopher Livingston. You might remember Livingston as the man behind Livin’ in Oblivion, an ambitious chronicle of the writer’s adventures in Oblivion as a hapless Nord named Nondrick. His latest outlet — delivered in the guise of an Onion-like digest — focuses on what Livingston does best: cheerfully satirizing video game devices.

I Don’t Know What I’ll Do With All This Used Armor I Keep Buying,” by simple-minded Innkeeper Bogrum Gro-Galash, explores the dark side of Oblivion’s planned economy. Give it a read here.

Elder Scrolls Community Contest at

chorrol 029.jpg

Just wanted to give you a heads up that over at, they’ve kicked off a fan fiction contest that will run through to the end of the month. The contest will be comprised of three categories: short stories, medium-sized stories, and longer stories. It’s kind of like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, except you get to decide which category is “just right” for you.

In terms of prizing, I was able to get some Oblivion stuff signed for the winners of each category. Two of the winners will receive a PC copy of Oblivion: Collector’s Edition — signed by Todd Howard. The other winner will receive the Shivering Isles map shown above — signed by the team.

Good luck. If you have any questions about the rules and regulations, head over to the forums at Chorrol.

Oblivion Fan Faction — ‘Oblivion Tales’


Spotted some new fan fiction last night that I thought I’d point out. Over on his (and Ruzena’s) blog, Jeremy has put up what looks like the first of several works of fiction where he takes his in-game experiences in Oblivion and turns them into stories he calls ‘Oblivion Tales.’

The first entry recounts his efforts to assassinate the Countess of Anvil, Millona Umbranox (pic above grabbed from UESP). Here’s a snippit:

The birds chirping outside the window awaken me and I leave the warmth of my bed, slowly descending the stairs of the Inn. A slight nod is given to the owner of the Inn, before I step back outside. Short conversation is exchanged with the man outside, before I notice the Imperial Legion Guard coming across the bridge on horseback. Luck could not be any more on my side, this day. After saying my goodbyes to the man, I pull my shield and dart off into the woods.

Read the full entry here and check back to see what happens next in ‘Oblivion Tales.’