New Vegas Gameplay footage at IGN!


Happy Friday… especially for those looking for new details on Fallout: New Vegas!

Just a little bit ago, IGN released an exclusive first look at gameplay footage. Watch it here or after the break below. Elsewhere, Xbox 360 Achievements has a new interview up with Project Director Josh Sawyer, while Front Towards Gamer Radio interviews Senior Producer Larry Liberty in a recent podcast.

Also worth checking out, Planet Fallout received a New Vegas-themed makeover today. Check out their New Vegas page (which you can contribute to), and be on the lookout for new stuff in the coming months.

And remember, E3 is right around the corner, so we’ll have plenty more to share on New Vegas soon.

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Brink Character Customization Video, and Some Slick Posters

Want to get a look at just how deep the character customization is for Brink? Splash Damage director Paul Wedgwood gives us a taste in the above walkthrough video, now available to view in HD on the Bethesda YouTube Channel.

The new clothing-centric clip was also sent to several sites via mail, with some snazzy posters and unique packaging to accompany it. Many of them have since shared shots of the various accoutrements, including Kotaku, Crave OnlineVG247, Destructoid, Major Nelson, Xbox 360 Achievements, TechlandGamingOnly, GameBlog.Fr and PS3trophies. If you’ve seen others, let us know.

And if you’re in Europe and looking for hands-on coverage of Brink, Splash Damage put together the following list of magazines featuring the game this month:

  • PC Zone
  • Play3
  • PC Jeux
  • Joystick
  • Xbox 360 – The Official Magazine
  • PlayStation – Official Magazine
  • PC Action
  • Power Unlimited
  • Hobbyconsolas

Plenty more Brink info is on the way soon, so stay on the alert — like this guy.


Around the Web: More Brink previews


Coverage of the recent Brink blast is still coming in, with OXM UK, Britxbox and Games.on all publishing previews of the Splash Damage shooter.

If you’re still not sure what to make of this Brink game, don’t forget to check out the bevy of new gameplay videos. G4’s Adam Sessler was “pleasantly surprised” after viewing them, reporting: “It wasn’t until we received the videos that I fully appreciated how ambitious [Brink] is with campaign-based multiplayer.”

Sarcastic Gamer took a look at the art of the Ark, highlighting Brink concepts in the first SG Artview. The site is also collecting questions that it plans to pose to Brink developers, so head over to the SG forums to suggest a few.

In listy news, the Fallout 3 DLC expansions have been nominated for’s Inside Gaming Awards 2009. Speaking to that content, Telegraph named Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition as one of the top 10 time-stealing games of 2009. Platform Nation also included Brink in its list of “10 Original IPs for 2010.”

Lastly, GameSpot spoke to Fallout 3 lead designer Emil Pagliarulo for its examination of moral quandaries in video games. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

“I think players simply get tired of experiencing the same things over and over and over in games. Frankly, it gets boring. When morality’s involved, the simple act of shooting a bad guy isn’t so simple anymore.”

As more news hits the interwebs, we’ll keep you posted.

Brink Week Wrap Up

With and X-Play’s coverage of Brink in the rearview mirror, we’ve decided to make Bethesda Blog a one-stop shop for all of this week’s videos (you can also head to our YouTube channel to watch them in glorious HD).

Above you can watch the final segment from X-Play last night. After the break, check out the other two X-Play segments, as well as Playing Smart and An Objective Perspective (parts one, two, and thereeee!).

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One more Brink video at (Updated!)


This morning uploaded An Objective Perspective, Pt. 3 — watch it to see the Soldier class and some heavy weapons action.

Also a reminder that tonight is also the final night of Brink Week on X-Play. Tune in at 6:30 PM ET (or check your local listings) for the final new video this week.

As more details on Brink emerge, we’ll let you know. Stay tuned.

Update: The final X-Play video went up this evening…watch it here to see more gameplay, as well as a roundtable discussion with the X-Play crew. returns to Container City (Updated)


As promised, has  more from Container City in a new gameplay video narrated by Splash Damages’s Paul Wedgwood.

Be sure to tune into X-Play (6:30 PM ET) tonight and Thursday for more coverage on Brink. Additionally, will have the final segment from Container City on their site tomorrow.

Updated!: Tonight’s segment from X-Play is now up at Head here to hear about how Brink’s campaign can be played as a single-player, cooperative or as a competitive multiplayer experience.

See Brink’s Container City at

take_cover.jpg continues their Brink coverage with a new video entitled An Objective Perspective. This time around, Game Director Paul Wedgwood walks you through gameplay in Container City. Learn more about the locale, changing combat roles, and selecting objectives within the game. will have new videos on Wednesday and Thursday. And don’t forget to watch X-Play on both Wednesday and Thursday night for extended coverage.

World Premiere Gameplay Video for Brink at G4TV (Updated!)

founders_tower.jpg has an exclusive look at Brink’s gameplay this week. Head here to watch Playing Smart, in which Game Director Paul Wedgwood explains the S.M.A.R.T system (that’s Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain). Stay tuned to today through Thursday for more videos.

There will be additional coverage on X-Play, too — starting tonight at 6:30 PM ET. Brink Week on X-Play continues on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. Check your local listings for more times.

The release date for Brink is, indeed, Fall 2010. That’s when the game will be ready for everyone to play. Hope everyone enjoys the videos we’ll be putting out this week for everyone that didn’t get to see the Brink demo at E3/PAX/QuakeCon/GamesCom/etc.

For more details on Brink, visit the game’s official site, as well as Splash Damages’ website.

Update: now has the segment shown on X-Play tonight. Watch it here.

Around the web: More reviews for WET


In this “Around the web,” we look at some the latest reviews for WET, plus coverage for Brink, id Software, and even a look back at Daggerfall.

With WET reviews, we begin at Planet Xbox 360, where Tony DaSilva reviewed the game. Here’s a snippet of his review, where he scored the game an 8.5/10:

“With 12 chapters in its campaign, WET offers up a solid play through with consistent action. As for the story, it’s outlandish, but purposely so. Like I said, we’re in a B movie here, and we all know how ridiculous B movies are.”

Elsewhere, Canada’s own GameFocus awarded WET their Editor’s Choice award saying, “Rubi and WET totally rock.”

More WET reviews and more after the break.

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