What we’re watching: Favorite flicks of 2009


2009 had some pretty memorable movies (well, not according to Sam Bernstein), and recently I asked folks at Zenimax HQ, BGS, id Software and Zenimax Europe to share their favorites. The list is pretty diverse, but you’ll see that sci-fi (Star Trek, Avatar, District 9, Moon) and animated features (Up, Coraline, and Fantastic Mr. Fox) were very popular. When told his unique film was a Bethesda favorite, Moon director Duncan Jones had this to say: “Bethesda rocked even BEFORE I heard that!”

Still, there’s something for everyone in the list below — other favorites include Inglourious Basterds, (500) Days of Summer, The Hurt Locker, and The Hangover. We even got a mention for She’s Just Not That Into You.

I also polled folks to determine the company’s favorite movie of the year. In a very close vote, Pixar’s Up edged out District 9 and Moon. Even Sam liked Up.

Here’s a closer look at our favorites. And coming soon to a blog near you — we’ll share our favorite games of 2009.

Nick Breckon: Up, The Hurt Locker, Moon, Inglourious Basterds, In the Loop, and District 9.

Andy Chang: 1) Black Dynamite, 2) Drag Me to Hell, 3) Avatar, 4) (500) Days of Summer, and 5)  Inglourious Basterds

Michael Musick: District 9, Inglourious Basterds, Zombieland… and Dead Snow gets a “awesomely terrible” nod. There are still several I have yet to see though.

Nathan McDyer: Up, The Hurt Locker, Star Trek, Avatar, The Hangover, Drag Me to Hell, and District 9.

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Fallout 3 cameo found in Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel?


Fallout 3 plays a minor role in the animated film Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel, if an internet tipster is to be believed.

According to one R Wisnewski — who dubiously claims his “kids” saw the PG-rated flick — Fallout 3 is featured “prominently” during one scene. The post-apocalyptic epic is apparently spread across the cover of a digital magazine prop laying within the room of a vidgame-playing rodent.

Our sources are still tracking this one down, so file it under rumor for now. However, it seems entirely plausible to this reporter that small mammals would enjoy reading about Bethesda games. If you’re feeling brave, be sure to let us know if you can confirm.

Movies we’re looking forward to

This week I asked the team to share the movies they’re looking forward to seeing — whether it’s already out, coming soon, or coming not-so-soon. Before seeing Where The Wild Things Are last night, I saw the trailer for Wes Anderson’s lastest film, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and now that tops my list. Check out the trailer above.

While you’re at it, let us know what movies you’re looking forward to…

Michael Wagner: Fantastic Mr. Fox, Toy Story 3, Astro Boy, and The Book of Eli.

Emily Sears: The Road, The Lovely Bones, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Daybreakers, The Wolfman, Shutter Island, Inception, and Alice in Wonderland.

Sean Palomino: Avatar, Ninja Assassin, The Wolfman, Where the Wild Things Are, and Until The Light Takes Us.

Brent Krische: X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Transformers 2, GI Joe, District 9, and Paranormal Activity.

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