Holiday Weekend Update

There’s plenty of pre-E3 talk for Prey 2, Skyrim, and RAGE at the following sites:

While it’s been a few weeks since Brink’s release, but there’s plenty of cool stuff to share:

Additional news for RAGE, Prey 2, Skyrim, Honest Hearts, and more after the break…

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Prey 2: The Making of a Teaser

If you’ve read any of the many Prey 2 previews, you know the developers at Human Head aren’t taking the easy road with the sci-fi shooter sequel. The new game expands on the Prey universe in a big way, placing you in the boots of a marshal-turned-bounty hunter in an open, alien world.

With such an ambitious game in the works, a different kind of announcement was required for its unveiling. In the end, the solution was to be equally ambitious with the teaser trailer, bringing the universe of Prey to life in a live-action setting.

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Around the web: The Final Countdown to Brink

Counting down the minutes until Brink’s launch, I thought I’d share some of the latest news for Brink and our other titles.

Get news on RAGE, Prey 2, and Skyrim after the break.

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Weekend Update: RAGE, Skyrim, Hunted, and Prey 2

While our BFG event was more than two weeks ago, there’s plenty of new coverage to share for RAGE, Skyrim, Prey 2, and Hunted.

Don’t miss last Friday’s GTTV episode, which featured a new Skyrim interview with Todd Howard, as well as a first look at RAGE’s Subway Town. Catch both segments at

If podcasts are your thing, Giant Bomb has 40 minutes of discussion on Skyrim, RAGE, and Prey 2. While I highly recommend the entire podcast, the BFG coverage starts just before the 50-minute mark. Elsewhere, Shacknews’ Garnett Lee shares his Skyrim impressions in episode 57 of Weekend Confirmed (scan ahead to the 33:25 mark of the podcast), and also divulges on why he’s so excited for RAGE in episode 58. Head to iTunes to download all three podcasts.

More after the break…

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Press Event Recap (Updated)

As we continue to see new coverage from last week’s BFG event, we’ll continue update our recaps posted yesterday. Feel free to use this post as your portal to the latest updates, and while you’re at it, check out the screenshots we released online.

Update: Links have been updated as of 4/21 at 10:30 PM EST

Prey 2 questions answered

Since Prey 2’s announcement last month, there’s been plenty of questions about the game. This week you can learn more about how the game ties back to the first game (for starters, Tommy’s back), plus the many ways it takes the series to the next level.

Check out BFG coverage at these sites…

We’ll keep updating this post as more coverage hits. After the break, watch a must-see interview with project lead Chris Rhinehart at GameTrailers — plus new interviews at Gamespot and
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The Top 10 Most Vile Roundups

Let’s get one thing straight: Clavicus Vile (pictured above, kickin’ it) is the most outrageous and excellent Elder Scrolls god, and there’s really no arguing to be done. That said, if you somehow feel differently, IGN has their own opinion in a new “Top 10 Gods of The Elder Scrolls” article. Vile believers: don’t believe their lies.

A few more tidbits from around the web:

Sneak peek at Prey 2

In the past couple weeks, we’ve kept everyone up to speed on where you can see preview coverage for Prey 2.

In the process, we’ve seen some comments focusing on what’s not in Prey 2. Between now and the game’s release next year, we’ll be sharing plenty of details on what’s in the game. For starters, we encourage you to read previews in OXM, PlayStation The Official Magazine, and other publications worldwide. And in the coming weeks, you can expect more previews, interviews, etc. online. Once that’s all out there, you’ll know more about what (and who) is in the game, and how it all relates to the original game.

We think you’ll be pretty excited about what Human Head has in store. Until then, we thought we’d share this screenshot and concept piece. Enjoy!

The latest from Europe

It’s the final countdown before the weekend, but before we head out, we’ve got some great info from Europe (no, not the band).

Our colleagues over in London office have shared new magazine covers featuring both RAGE and Prey 2. Included in our Flickr slideshow are RAGE cover stories at Official PlayStation Magazine (Benelux) and GameStar (Germany), as well as Prey 2 features at PSM3 (Australia), Game Reactor (Nordic), and PC Games (Germany). All five cover stories are on newsstands now.

In other overseas news, Brink fans in Europe can watch GameFace tomorrow night at 11 PM for an all-new preview on the game. Check your local listings, but I’m told it’ll be airing on Sky Channel 125, BT Vision Channel 46, Freeview Channel 46, and Virgin Media Channel 139.

Prey 2 coverage hitting newsstands

On the heels of our Prey 2 announcement last week, print previews for the game are begin to hit subscribers and newsstands. Joystick (France) and Nordic magazine GameReactor (above) are already out, while Gameplay (Holland), OXM (US), and PlayStation The Official Magazine should be out to subscribers next week.

As more details on Prey 2 come out, we’ll keep you in the know.