Around the web: Brink wins Eurogamer Expo Game of Show


Like whack-a-mole, we put up new coverage roundups, and more and more stuff keeps popping up. In addition to our recent updates for RAGE, Brink (parts 1 and 2), New Vegas, and Hunted… we’ve MORE news to share.

Kicking things off, we’re excited to share news that Brink was named the #1 Game of Show at this year’s Eurogamer Expo. You can check out the top ten games here (which includes New Vegas as well). Congrats to the team at Splash Damage for their efforts both on the game and at recent trade show events.

Also ranking the top games from the show was split/screen co-op — who ranked New Vegas, Brink, and Hunted in their top 10. Swap New Vegas out for RAGE, and that pretty much sums up the most recent Eurogamer podcast. Definitely worth listening to, the podcast features RAGE’s Tim Willits, Hunted’s Maxx Kaufman, and Brink’s Ed Stern.

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QUAKE LIVE updated with new ‘Start a Match’ feature


The QUAKE LIVE team is always hard at work bringing new updates to the game, as evidenced by last night’s quick patch. The update added the ability for Pro players to create servers to play with non-Pro players, making it easier for everyone to get into a server and frag some friends.

Here are the full patch notes:

  • Start a Match configuration option added – ‘Membership Level’. You may now alter the required membership level, allowing you to launch ‘Standard Servers’ that non-subscribers may join.
  • Start a Match launched public servers will now appear in the default ‘public’ match browser..
  • Fix: The missing time-remaining timer on the match browser server hovers has been restored.
  • Fix: IE javascript issue resolved.
  • Fix: Improved error handling on account registration page.

As always, head over to to give the game a whirl.

Special Promotion for QUAKE LIVE starts today


Earlier today, we let folks know about some special deals on QUAKE LIVE. Read the details below…

We’re pleased to announce that starting today, anyone who signs up for QUAKE LIVE can experience the Premium subscription membership benefits for FREE until next Sunday, September 26th.

Additionally, anyone who purchases a Premium or Pro membership for QUAKE LIVE during this promotion will receive the added bonus of one additional month of membership access!

If you purchase a membership during this promotional period, you will have the option to redeem this one month token to extend your membership or gift it to a friend.

More details after the break…

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What we’re playing: “Craft” games


It’s no surprise that our offices continue to obsess over StarCraft 2 (and still play World of Warcraft), but this week it’s Minecraft — a game that’s self described as being “about placing blocks while running from skeletons” — that’s getting highlighted. The latest version of the game is currently in Alpha and can be downloaded here. You can also play Minecraft Classic for free.

Speaking of free, as we all prep for QuakeCon 2010, many of us our spending time playing QUAKE LIVE.

Here’s the full list of games we’re checking out. Now… what are YOU playing?

Peter Sokal: StarCraft 2, Darksiders, QUAKE LIVE, and potentially some Ikaruga.

Brent Krische: I’ve been playing QUAKE on the Sega Saturn, a bit of Bit.Trip RUNNER on the Wii, and checking out various demos on my Xbox 360. Jurassic: The Hunted seems pretty cool.

Jon DeVriendt: StarCraft II and QUAKE LIVE.

Orin Tresnjak: StarCraft 2. Addictive game, that.

Jeff Browne: Minecraft and Red Dead Redemption.

Alistair Hatch: Having recently completed a few games (Limbo, Red Dead, Singularity), I’m uncertain whether to try and finish Split/Second, or persevere with Crackdown 2, or start something new. Any suggestions?

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id introduces two QUAKE LIVE subscription packages


After being down for a day, QUAKE LIVE players missing their online fragging fix can return to action later today — as the game has officially exited beta! In addition to the ‘Standard’ free-to-play version, in a press release today, we’ve announced ‘Premium’ and ‘Pro’ subscriptions — adding new maps, game modes, and plenty more. Details below…

The Premium Subscription, which can be purchased for $1.99 per month, billed annually, includes:

  • Access to 20 QUAKE LIVE Premium only maps at launch with more to come.  Premium maps are a combination of brand new maps and frequently requested community favorites from previous QUAKE games such as Aerowalk, Theater of Pain, Japanese Castles, and Realm of Steel Rats;
  • An all new ‘Freeze Tag’ game mode;
  • Exclusive premium level awards;
  • Create your own clan and join up to five separate clans;
  • Custom QUAKE LIVE profile wallpaper; and
  • Match statistics stored for six months.

The Pro Subscription, which can be purchased for $3.99 per month, billed annually, includes all of the premium subscription features as well as:

  • The ability to start your own game server, specify a server location, determine the game mode and invite who you want to join you;
  • With the Pro Subscription, you can invite three friends with Standard level memberships to play with you in any Premium level map;
  • Exclusive pro awards;
  • Create your own clan and join up to ten separate clans; and
  • Match statistics stored for 12 months.

The QUAKE LIVE ‘Standard’ version is still free to play and includes friend lists, access to one clan, matchmaking, and stats tracking delivered through a web browser with over 40 arenas and five game modes.

To create a QUAKE LIVE account and for more information please visit:

UPDATE: QUAKE LIVE is back up and running. The team will continue to monitor the situation… now get back to the action!

QuakeCon 2010 tournaments announced


QuakeCon is a place for everyone to play games together and have fun. On the other hand, it’s also a place for the best gamers to utterly crush their opponents in the pursuit of cold hard cash.

Big prizes await the video game sportsmen at this year’s QuakeCon, with $50,000 total up for grabs in both the Intel QUAKE LIVE Masters Championship and the QUAKE LIVE Capture the Flag Championship.

And if you don’t have a fancy nickname or a branded mouse, don’t worry: the Open Tournament will allow up to 128 amateurs a chance to compete for a respectable purse of $2500.

Keep reading for more details, or head right over to the QuakeCon site to register:

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QUAKE LIVE Beta Updated, Invite Your Friends Now


A fairly significant update to id’s QUAKE LIVE beta went live this week, adding a new player invite system to the browser-based multiplayer FPS.

Combatants now have three new friends-list options to perform: “View Profile,” “Invite to Match” and “Join Match.” In addition to that, a new “Start a Match” feature is in closed testing:

One feature of our upcoming Premium Service known as ‘Start a Match’ is currently in private testing and allows for leagues and players to start servers for other players to join. This update brings new features to the Start a Match capabilities, including the ability to start servers without passwords, the ability to restrict servers by player invite and the ability to specify a custom map rotation.

Check out the whole list of changes here. To give the free-to-play game a spin post-update, head here.

QUAKE LIVE celebrates Year One


Nearly a year ago (February 24th, to be exact), id Software launched QUAKE LIVE — a browser-based (and totally free) version of Quake III Arena.

And what a year it’s been! Breaking it down by the numbers, players have spent over 8.9 million hours in over 60 million ranked matches, earning 8 million awards and 810 million frags.

Among those frags, two players have reached the status of Dark Angel — Trajan (featured in an interview on Bethesda Blog) and Yakumo. The two continue to battle it out for QUAKE LIVE supremacy. Meanwhile, one user, Pudrick, has spent nearly 56 days in-game on ranked servers (and I thought the guys in my dorm playing QUAKE II were hardcore).

To celebrate QUAKE LIVE’s milestone, id Software has launched QUAKE LIVE’s Year One Event. The event runs from today through March 9th. During that time, anyone that participates in an online match will receive a special “Year One” award.

To help get the year off to a good start, the team has also uploaded a new level, Fallout Bunker, for you to enjoy. As the team moves forward, they plan to bring many new fighting arenas to QUAKE LIVE, including nostalgic works from the community as well as new arenas designed specifically for QUAKE LIVE.

Thanks to all the players for making QUAKE LIVE such a success in its first year!

Interview with Trajan – QUAKE Live’s First Dark Angel

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Recently SyncError, the Community Manager for QUAKE Live, got a chance to interview Trajan, who was the first player on QUAKE Live to achieve 250,000 frags and earn the Dark Angel award. An impressive stat, and congratulations to Trajan from the team here at id! Hit the (rocket) jump for the interview.

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Have a holly jolly fragfest


Just a little bit ago, a special holiday update went up for QUAKE LIVE. For a limited time, you’ll have access to two players skins — Festive Santa and Vixen — as well as the Silent Night, a remake of the Team Arena map known as Distant Scream. For more details, check out this news post from QUAKE LIVE Executive Producer Marty Stratton….

“We hope you are enjoying the season and we want to say ‘thanks’ to everyone that has been a part of QUAKE LIVE this year. To celebrate the holidays, QUAKE LIVE style, the team has put together a little gift. Starting today, we’ll be running matches in a new Capture the Flag arena called “Silent Night.” This is a slightly re-worked version of an arena from Team Arena called “Distant Screams.” It’s primarily outdoors and larger than most of our other arenas, so it supports up to 32 players. We’re also providing 2 festive holiday characters for you to use over the next couple weeks – Santa and Vixen break out the rocket launchers for some Christmas fragging. For a quick preview of these gifts and a special holiday desktop wallpaper, check out the preview page.”

Whether you’re still working before the holidays or already relaxing at home, now is the perfect time to check out QUAKE LIVE.