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As we round up another week, we wanted to share some of the newest videos images from QuakeCon last week. And if you’re looking for good weekend reading, don’t forget to check out our roundup from earlier in the week. Enjoy!

Watch QuakeCon’s Retro to Real-Time Panel hosted by Geoff Keighley
Join Game Director Matt Firor & others for the latest on ESOTU!
Pete Hines holds court to discuss DOOM Multiplayer on Bonus Round

The Bonus Round returns to discuss Fallout 4 impressions from QuakeCon!

QuakeCon 2015

Our gallery

shares some of our favorite memories from QuakeCon 2015. For more great photos, visit the community Flickr page.

QuakeCon Impressions for DOOM and Fallout 4

image1Kudos to Owen “O1kenobi” Long on this amazing pic!

Jet lag be damned. We’re back after four day of fun at QuakeCon. Kudos to the event staff and volunteers for a memorable 20th anniversary.

Along with endless of hours of BYOC action, attendees got to see new presentations for Fallout 4 and The Elder Scrolls Online, and as a big surprise, were able to be the first to play DOOM multiplayer. Here’s some of the highlights.

Despite the blank expressions of 4,000 fans wearing Vault Boy masks, the crowd was filled with enthusiasm as Todd Howard shared new details on the game. At Game Informer, Andrew Reiner provides more than 2,500 thoroughly covering aspects of the game from the presentation. Here’s a small snippet:

We then see an image of a handful of Bethesda Game Works employees. On the floor is a German Shepherd named River, a female dog who was used for the motion capture and audio recording of Dogmeat. A video montage shows the various techniques the team used to capture River’s likeness, including frisbee throwing in the motion capture studio, stick fetching, and holding a mic in front of River to capture her sounds. “If we’re going to do the dog, we’re going to do this right,” Howard says.

For more Fallout 4 presentation impressions, read impressions from Polygon, IGN, and GamesRadar.

DOOM was a big hit at the show, too. On top of a panel featuring the most amazing gameplay description ever (Thanks Hugo!), players got their first

Guide Live – “Id Software is only showing off one map: A lava-filled complex with a lot of tight spaces and hidden nooks and crannies to find. We only played one mode, Team Deathmatch, in six vs. six games that lasted six minutes. Because 6, 6, 6. Because Doom. Demons. Get it?”

Polygon – “I really enjoyed my match (despite the fact that my team got steamrolled, 61 to 32), but it felt like a small piece of a more complete whole. According to executive producer Marty Stratton, there’s much more to the multiplayer experience of Doom — most of which hasn’t been announced yet.

PC Gamer – “There’s always going to be room for high-speed gore fests in online multiplayer, and based on my short time with it, Doom looks like it could be an extremely enjoyable entry in a very comfortable niche.”

Game Informer – “I got my hands on Doom’s multiplayer at this year’s QuakeCon, and walked away mighty impressed by its speed of combat, weapon functionality and feel, map design, massive amounts of carnage that can unfold at any given second, and, well, all of it. Id Software’s first showing of Doom’s multiplayer is exactly what I wanted it to be: fast-paced, retro in design, and a meat grinder of immediate action.”

IGN – “Doom multiplayer seems to have a great dual identity. It borrows the fun, arcade-like spirit from shooters like Perfect Dark and TimeSplitters and mixes it with the speed and gore of classic Quake.” – “It’s fast as hell and has distilled a lot of what was great about the first two games in the series, splicing it into an unholy union of old-school mechanics and contemporary design.”

Ars Technica – “So far, Doom is fast, exciting, and, most importantly, fun.

Motherboard – “The new Doom rewards the hesitant with death, the quick with brief victory, and it treats its own ability to crouch and take cover with some contempt. Scared? Need to take a breather? God forbid, want to play it safe? Then die, it seems to say.”

That’s all for now. As we recover from the madness that is QuakeCon, we’re sure to find more for you to chew on.

QuakeCon 2015: DOOM Beta (& Alpha) Update


Attendees at QuakeCon 2015 may be the first to go hands on with pre-alpha DOOM multiplayer, but we still have big plans for fans that pre-ordered Wolfenstein: The New Order.

In the coming months, we’ll be selecting Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC players from the Wolfenstein: TNO Beta pool to participate in the DOOM Multiplayer Alpha. To make sure you’re eligible, make sure you redeem your DOOM Beta code at If you purchased the game digitally through Steam, PSN, or Xbox Live, you’re already set — you have a digital entitlement that will ready you for the Alpha when it starts.

As a reminder, everyone that pre-ordered Wolfenstein: the New Order is eligible to participate in the multiplayer beta planned for next year before DOOM’s Spring 2016 release.

Get the lowdown on the 2015 QuakeCon Sale!

Whether you’re on hand in the QuakeCon BYOC or at home looking for a weekend full of games, this year’s QuakeCon sale — in our 20th year of the event — offers something for everybody. And this year everybody takes on new meeting — with offers not just for our PC fans, but also those playing on PlayStation and Xbox.

Let’s start with Steam. Starting today and going until Sunday, players can save big on any Bethesda/id title available on the platform. You name it, we’ve got savings on it. Even sweeter, you can save more than 70% on some of our biggest games ever in the exclusive 2015 QuakeCon Bundle. The this year’s pack includes the following for only $99.99:

  • Dishonored GOTY
  • Fallout 3 GOTY
  • Fallout New Vegas UE
  • Doom 3 BFG
  • Doom Classic Complete
  • Wolfenstein The New Order/The Old Blood Bundle
  • Skyrim Legendary
  • The Evil Within Digital Bundle (Core + DLC)
  • Quake Collection
  • Quake 4

If you’re looking to save a specific series of games, be sure to keep tabs on the daily QuakeCon sales, too. Here’s the rundown.

  • 7/23 – Elder Scrolls Day — Tamriel-sized discounts for all things Skyrim, Oblivion, and Morrowind.
  • 7/24 – id Day — Party like you’re at the Con with savings on DOOM, QUAKE, RAGE, and Wolfenstein-related titles.
  • 7/25 – The Evil Within & Dishonored Day — Celebrate the works of Tango Gameworks and Arkane with savings on the main game and DLC.
  • 7/26 – Fallout Day — One of the biggest perks of the QuakeCon sale is an easy way to catch up on all-things Fallout before the new game releases in November. Get Megaton savings on Fallout 1-3, New Vegas, and Fallout Tactics.

Not buying your games on Steam? During the same time period, we’re also pleased to announce we have big digital savings on Amazon, Direct2Drive, GameStop, and the Humble store.

And while QuakeCon attendees might have their eyes laser focused on PC savings, QuakeCon is a celebration of all-things gaming, and we’re excited to have amazing deals for Xbox players – highlighted by a 33% savings on the Premium Edition of The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited – featuring 5,500 crowns to use in the ESOTU Crown Store.

What else can you save on, see the Xbox and PlayStation include the following deals.

PlayStation Deals (now thru July 28th)

  • The Evil Within Season Pass (PS4)– save 33%
  • The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Premium Edition — only $99
  • Doom Classic Complete (PS3) — save 40%Dishonored DLC (The Knife of Dunwall and The Brigmore Witch) — save 33%

Xbox Deals (now thru July 27th)

  • Wolfenstein: The Old Blood – save 25%
  • The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Premium Edition — only $99
  • The Evil Within Season Pass (Xbox One) — save 33%
  • DOOM/DOOM II/Quake Arena Arcade — save 50% on each

That’s just scratching the surface. We didn’t want to make this post a mile long, so we advise visiting your preferred platform — be it PC, Xbox One, or PS4 — to learn more on the savings. Happy gaming to all!

2 Weeks to QuakeCon 2015 – Schedule of Events

qc emvents

The countdown to QuakeCon 2015 (or as the cool kids say, QuakeCon 20) is just over two weeks away! To help ready you for this amazing weekend of Peace, Love, and Rocket Jumping, we’re pleased to reveal the schedule of events taking place on the Ventrilo Main Stage and throughout the Exhibit Hall and Table Top Village.

If you’re planning to attend, be sure to download the Official QuakeCon App on your Android, Apple, Windows mobile device to ensure you don’t miss a thing! The app contains a full listing of daily events and will be continually updated throughout the show. So if we add or change things, it’s the best way to stay up to speed.

If you can’t make it to the Hilton Anatole, fans at home can check out for live streaming of select panels and presentations, as well as to watch all of the official QuakeCon tournament action in real time!

To pre-register as a general attendee for QuakeCon, visit: Please note: All BYOC registration is now closed.


Fallout 4

Fans in attendance will have the opportunity to join Bethesda Game Studios’ Game Director, Todd Howard, for an exclusive QuakeCon presentation of Fallout 4 – taking place on the Ventrilo Main Stage on Friday, July 24th at 1pm.


On Saturday, July 25th at 3pm, join members of id Software’s development team as they take the Ventrilo Main Stage for a special panel discussion on their upcoming first-person shooter, DOOM.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited | Imperial City and Beyond

Developers from ZeniMax Online Studios will be on hand to share what’s next for The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited. Come see what to expect next for the game with on the Ventrilo Main Stage on Friday, July 24th at 4:30pm.


This year’s Table Top Village will open on Thursday, July 23rd at 10:00am and remain open through Sunday, July 26that noon. The Table Top Village will host tournaments from game publishers like Level 99 Games (including BattleCon and Pixel Tactics), retailers such as Japanime Games (featuring multiple Krosmaster tournaments), CCGs like Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride and Magic: The Gathering – as well as community-run events and tons more!

Get the daily schedule of events after the break… Continue reading full article ›

QuakeCon 2015 Shirt Design Contest — And then there were 4! (Updated)

CaptureUpdate: Due to technical issues, we’re pulling our voting process for the time being. Stay tuned for exciting updates.

The QuakeCon 2015 20th Anniversary Shirt Design Contest is down to the four finalists. To everyone that submitted their entries… thanks for participating!

Between now and April 26th, we encourage you to visit the contest page to vote for the finalists shown above. We’ll be announcing the final winner on or around April 29th!

Please view the updated contest rules here.

BY(OC) The People. For The People.


In case you missed it, T-Dawg and others have begun work on a new community portal — appropriately called QuakeCon 2015 Community and hosted at

Be sure to stop by for community updates from your favorite Con people. We’ll be watching and sharing highlights here on the official site.


QuakeCon 2015: Last call for designing this year’s shirt


Probably not a finalist… but still great!

Okay, maybe not your t-shirt, but we need your idea. To all our design-savvy QuakeCon attendees: you still have until April 10th to submit your t-shirt design for the 20th Edition of QuakeCon!

After April 10th, we will be sharing our five finalists and then allowing all of you to help us vote for the best design. Our contest winner will receive The Ultimate QuakeCon® Fan Pack * featuring a spot in the BYOC, QuakeCon® Done Quick access, and a Swag Pack!


Design the QuakeCon BYOC T-Shirt & Win!


*That’s ‘Design Your Own BYOC T-Shirt’!

QuakeCon’s BYOC has thrived for 20 years because of the personalities and culture you have brought to it. The case mods, “wooooops”, and skyscrapers built from BAWLs cans are what make the BYOC memorable. YOU KNOW IT!!!

So when it came time to figure out the design for this year’s Official shirt, we decided no one could do a better job than… you! So today we’re happy to announce the QuakeCon® 2015: 20th Anniversary Shirt Design Contest!

Between today and April 10th, you’ll be able to submit your shirt designs on our contest page. From there, our judging panel will determine five finalists and then it will be up to all of you to vote for a winner. Our contest winner will receive The Ultimate QuakeCon® Fan Pack * featuring a spot in the BYOC, QuakeCon® Done Quick access, and a Swag Pack!

To help you get started, we’ve given you a few design elements that you can grab. For full details on what’s okay and what’s not, check out the official rules.


BYOC Attendees — Get ready for QuakeCon 20

2015 - QC - Package - UAC Command Center - Final

It’s crazy to think, but we’re only 148 days away from QuakeCon – and this year’s a big one. We’ll be celebrating the event’s 20th anniversary, which means 1) we’re all getting old and 2) we’re planning to make this the biggest and most exciting QuakeCon ever!

For everyone planning to spend 4 days in the BYOC, the information below is important:

Attendees wishing to participate in the QuakeCon 2015 BYOC must pre-purchase one of the ‘BYOC Select-a-Seat’ packages through our online registration site to guarantee a seat. As all seats will be accounted for prior to the show, we won’t have seats available on-site or on a first-come-first serve basis. Once the packages sell out, we’ll be giving people the opportunity to win a limited number of BYOC seats via social media giveaways, contests, and via our event partners leading up to the show.

Make sense? If you were at QuakeCon 2014, it should. Our pre-registration should be familiar, with one exception: This year we’re doing five tiers instead of four, and we’re kicking it off on March 4th with our new, super, duper, uber ‘BYOC Select-a-Seat with UAC Command Center VIP Seating Package’ — a very-limited package (only 32 available) that will include VIP BYOC seating in the Network Operations Center (NOC)!

To find out how you can snag a spot in the NOC, as well as full details on what each package includes, be sure to check out the info below. As the dates creep up in the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing reminders here on the blog, as well as on our official Facebook and Twitter account.

Oh yeah, and see those “Your Design Here” shirts below? Learn how you can design the 20th Anniversary QuakeCon shirt in this blog post.

Continue reading full article ›