RAGE hands-on preview gives a taste of what you’ll see at E3

Gamespot recently visited id’s new office for a chance to go hands on with RAGE. During the trip, they saw several areas showcasing the game’s varied gameplay — including a look at the game’s main faction, the Authority.

Read the preview here, and be sure to watch the embedded video featuring design director Matt Hooper, creative director Tim Willits, and plenty of action from the game.

Holiday Weekend Update

There’s plenty of pre-E3 talk for Prey 2, Skyrim, and RAGE at the following sites:

While it’s been a few weeks since Brink’s release, but there’s plenty of cool stuff to share:

Additional news for RAGE, Prey 2, Skyrim, Honest Hearts, and more after the break…

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One week left in RAGE’s Graffiti Contest and Sweeps

There’s one week left in our RAGE Graffiti Contest and Sweepstakes on Facebook, so I thought I’d make my best attempt to get Blake Griffin in RAGE. That’s not going to happen because:

  1. I’m not eligible to win
  2. Saying “I’m not eligible to win” is giving me too much credit. I’ve upset everyone around my desk with my terrible “attempt”

But that doesn’t mean you can’t win. For a chance at getting your artwork in the final copy of RAGE (plus a new iPad and a trip to QuakeCon), head to our Facebook Graffiti App. And if you’re drawing skills are on par or worse than mine (who am I kidding??), you can simply fill out the Sweepstakes form for a chance to win.

Anyone know the number for that art test you see on TV? I need help.

Where to find RAGE’s Anarchy Edition in Europe/Australia

A few weeks ago we told you about the Anarchy Edition of RAGE, which includes a set of in-game items (see above) provided for free to anyone that preorders the game. While we had store details for US and Canadian folks then, we’re now getting info on where European and Australian fans can look to grab their copies.

For links to where you can preorder the Anarchy Edition in the UK, Germany and Australia, click through below. We’ll update the post soon with details on stores in France and Benelux.

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Get Blake Griffin in RAGE

Los Angeles Clippers power forward Blake Griffin has already distinguished himself in the NBA by becoming Rookie of the Year, being selected as an All-Star and famously winning the 2011 NBA Slam Dunk Contest. Now he has a new goal: to land a starring role — or any role — in id Software’s upcoming shooter, RAGE.

Watch the above video that chronicles Blake’s attempt to make it as a digital actor, and head to RAGE.com to see why he wants in.

Around the web: The Final Countdown to Brink

Counting down the minutes until Brink’s launch, I thought I’d share some of the latest news for Brink and our other titles.

Get news on RAGE, Prey 2, and Skyrim after the break.

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