The Evil Within’s Music to Our Ears

tew_digital_album-03Does the soundtrack of your life need a little more intensity? Madness? On the heels of last week’s release of The Evil Within, evil can now take hold of your music library.

The Evil Within Original Game Soundtrack features 18 iconic tracks from the game, which is more than enough to build the tension between playthroughs of the game, or add atmosphere to your Halloween party.

Download The Evil Within Soundtrack on iTunes

Enhance your day-to-day with the music of Wolfenstein: The New Order

Prepare to add dramatic effect to your life with the release of the Wolfenstein: The New Order Original Game Soundtrack. Composer, Mick Gordon – along with contributions from Meshuggah’s Frederik Thordendal –  brings intensity and thrill to the game that you can now experience anywhere you go.

You can get the soundtrack consisting of the entire in game score on iTunes for $9.99.

Additionally, for your listening pleasure, you can download tracks from our Neumond Recordings for $0.99 a song by clicking an album cover below.

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Now on iTunes: The Best Beats from Bethesda

We are pleased to announce that the official soundtracks for seven of our most popular games are now available for purchase on iTunes. Soundtracks include:

To purchase these soundtracks, just click on the album names above and you’ll be taken directly to iTunes.

Skyrim’s ‘Far Horizons’ played by the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Listen at IGN!

Tuesday marks the release of The Greatest Video Game Music 2 – a compilation of popular videogame tracks performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra. The soundtrack features ‘Far Horizons’, a favorite among Skyrim fans.

Visit IGN to hear the LPO’s take on the Jeremy Soule classic. You can also watch a fantastic behind-the-scenes video.