QuakeCon: Panel Coverage at Gamespot

Didn’t have a chance to see the panels and presentations at QuakeCon 2010? No worries — the fine folks at Gamespot have recaps (and some video) for you to catch up on.

One of my personal highlights of the show was attending Rocket Talk — featuring legends Richard “Lord British” Garriott and John Carmack talking about their passion for space exploration. For a summary of the talk, head here. Be sure to watch Garriott’s presentation on his journey to the International Space Station (embedded above) — it’s really amazing stuff.

Gamespot also has a sample of John Carmack’s presentation on Armadillo Aerospace. Check the highlights below….

Hit the jump for links to Gamespot’s coverage of QuakeCon’s panels…

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Brink Developer Diary #1 — The Last Stand

We’ve just released Brink’s first video developer diary, “The Last Stand,” and have made it available to watch both on our YouTube Channel. Go behind the scenes with the team at Splash Damage as they discuss the war-torn setting of the Ark and the factions vying for control of it.

For more information on Brink, visit the game’s official site.

Meet the Brink team: Farhan Qureshi


Effects artist Farhan “middlecat” Quareshi is the latest Splash Damage employee to get grilled for a team interview. In addition to his recent efforts on games like Brink, Quareshi also had a distinguished career in film effects, having worked on some pretty big stuff:

Why did you want to work in the games industry and how did you get started?

I actually started out in the film industry, I worked on several Hollywood movies but I shan’t namedrop (ahem, Harry Potter 3, 4 and 5, Alien vs Predator, Kingdom of Heaven, Batman Begins, Poseidon…). I got headhunted to work in the games industry as my background in film was quite desirable to games companies to push the effects further.

Read the whole interview on the Splash Damage site.

More Brink Links from E3

As we mentioned previously, Brink did pretty well for itself at this year’s E3. In our excitement to share the news, we published our first post-show wrapup a bit on the early side last week, so we have some major catching up to do.

Here are a few links to get you started:

And if that’s not enough, click on more previews/interviews from:

Update: Ed Stern is pretty amazing at the start of this video with IncGamers, so we figured you better watch it.

This Dev Diary will make you SMARTer


Get SMART by reading the latest Developer Diary for Brink. This time around, we’ve got Splash Damage’s Aubrey Hesselgren, who takes you through the process of implementing Brink’s innovative feature, SMART (Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain). Here’s an excerpt from Hesselgren, who in a previous life was quite active in the London Parkour scene…

“Six or seven years ago, for a brief period, I wasn’t fat. I was lean, fast, agile and well exercised. For once I had a hobby which could reasonably be mentioned in polite company. Friends and relatives assumed (wrongly) that I took to the roofs of Southampton at night, doing back flips over cool bad guys. Not quite, but I had discovered Parkour: the art of efficiently moving up, over, across and through whatever obstacle gets in your way.”

For the rest of Aubrey’s must-read diary, head here.

Read the latest coverage for Brink


Unlike Fallout: New Vegas, Hunted, and RAGE — we weren’t able to show Brink at our Last Vegas event — with the team from Splash Damage being trapped in Europe courtesy of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull. A week later, however, we were able to show the game to press folks in Europe. Here’s a rundown of some of the English-speaking sites that have new coverage on the game.

IGN UK’s Alec Meer got a first-hand look at the game — here’s a snippet from his preview:

“Brink’s aim is to tear down the church and state separation of single and multiplayer, so you’re using the same disciplines, chasing the same goals and enjoying the same rewards however you play. This is, of course, the theory: other games are sniffing around the same idea, with Left 4 Dead arguably at the head of this young pack. With Brink though, there’s a real sense of no compromise.”

Read the rest here, and then be sure to check out the rest of the coverage below.

Lastly, VG247, has two new interview for Brink — with Senior Game Designer Ed Stern and Game Director Paul Wedgwood.

Meet the Brink team: Dann Yeung


Our friends at Splash Damage have a new developer profile up. This time it’s Senior Gameplay Programmer Dann ‘SRS-Kap’ Yeung. Previously an employee of Lionhead Studios, Dann learned about an opening at Splash Damage from one of his current coworkers…

How did you end up at Splash Damage?

I had previously worked with Richard Ham on Fable 2 and he informed me of the available position at Splash Damage. I am a big FPS gamer, and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is one of my favorite games ever so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Also, Splash Damage happens to be located near where I live which is always a bonus. 🙂

Read the rest of Dann’s profile here. And if you haven’t already, you can meet the rest of the team here.

Meet the Brink team: Ronald Koppers


The latest Brink developer profile delves into the life of Ronald “Conine” Koppers, Splash Damage programmer extraordinaire.

Apparently the only Splash Dev stricken with Gamma ray poisoning, Canine Kop manages to keep his rage in check while detailing his daily duties and offering some sound advice. Here’s a snippet:

Do you have any tips for people wanting to break in?

Be honest to yourself. There’s no denying that the games industry is a wonderful place to work in, but that doesn’t mean that it’s for everyone. If the only reason you want to be a game developer is because you think games are cool, there’s a good chance that you will not last very long in this industry. To put it differently, the games industry isn’t looking for people that are only enthusiastic about games. It certainly helps, but other skills in programming, artistic, design or management are far more important as that’s needed to actually create games. Ask yourself if you really have a skill that the games industry needs and be honest to yourself about your motivation to get into this industry.

Have a read of Conine Kop’s full interview here.

Around the web


We’re back with another “Around the Web” with plenty of good stuff to check out.

This morning on Kotaku, I spotted this awesome Fallout 3 fan art bey Deviant Artist Patrick Brown. Looks like I’ve got a new desktop background. You can find more of Patrick’s work here. And if you’ve got artwork to contribute to the blog, send it in…we’ll be putting up new entries soon.

In other Fallout community news, we got an email letting us know about a song titled “Vault 101” by Kirby Krackle. Head to their website to give it a listen (lyrics can be found here).

Moving to Brink news, IncGamers has a new online interview with Splash Damage’s Paul Wedgwood, Richard Ham, and Ed Stern. The interview covers the gamut: Splash Damage’s roots, their staff, and their plans and goals for Brink. Props to IncGamers for their clever edits.

Elsewhere, check out Girl Gamers UK preview on Brink..

Neilie Johnson of GameShark has posted her impressions of Hunted: The Demon’s Forge. Head here to read the full preview, but first, here’s a snippet discussing some of the attacks you’ll have at your disposal:

“During the demo we were shown spells ‘Hellfire’, which shot a big ol’ fireball, and ‘Levitate’, which rendered enemies helpless by lifting them off the ground. We were also shown a co-operative mechanic called ‘Battlecharge’, in which one character charged up another with spells, giving both of them more power.”

Finally, at this year’s MI6 awards for marketing, our promotional video for WET, “Shot at Love”, won a Silver award. Congrats to the marketing teams here at Bethesda and Ayzenberg for their work.

As more news comes in, we’ll keep you posted.