Check out Splash Damage’s Christmas Card


If you’ve visited Destructoid (or AusGamers) today, you might have seen Splash Damage’s holiday card — depicting the company’s lovable mascot, the Tapir, battling more Tapirs in the Airport area of Brink. With customization being at the heart of Brink’s character system, the card actually comes with a sticker book that lets you customize your tapirs. The image above is something I worked on during lunch today.

Speaking of battling Tapirs, all four species of tapir are either endangered or threatened. So for the first 30 Holiday Cards that get customized/posted online, Splash Damage will make a contribution to

With Brink slated for release next fall, we look forward to sharing more information with you in 2010.

Brink Week Wrap Up

With and X-Play’s coverage of Brink in the rearview mirror, we’ve decided to make Bethesda Blog a one-stop shop for all of this week’s videos (you can also head to our YouTube channel to watch them in glorious HD).

Above you can watch the final segment from X-Play last night. After the break, check out the other two X-Play segments, as well as Playing Smart and An Objective Perspective (parts one, two, and thereeee!).

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One more Brink video at (Updated!)


This morning uploaded An Objective Perspective, Pt. 3 — watch it to see the Soldier class and some heavy weapons action.

Also a reminder that tonight is also the final night of Brink Week on X-Play. Tune in at 6:30 PM ET (or check your local listings) for the final new video this week.

As more details on Brink emerge, we’ll let you know. Stay tuned.

Update: The final X-Play video went up this evening…watch it here to see more gameplay, as well as a roundtable discussion with the X-Play crew. returns to Container City (Updated)


As promised, has  more from Container City in a new gameplay video narrated by Splash Damages’s Paul Wedgwood.

Be sure to tune into X-Play (6:30 PM ET) tonight and Thursday for more coverage on Brink. Additionally, will have the final segment from Container City on their site tomorrow.

Updated!: Tonight’s segment from X-Play is now up at Head here to hear about how Brink’s campaign can be played as a single-player, cooperative or as a competitive multiplayer experience.

World Premiere Gameplay Video for Brink at G4TV (Updated!)

founders_tower.jpg has an exclusive look at Brink’s gameplay this week. Head here to watch Playing Smart, in which Game Director Paul Wedgwood explains the S.M.A.R.T system (that’s Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain). Stay tuned to today through Thursday for more videos.

There will be additional coverage on X-Play, too — starting tonight at 6:30 PM ET. Brink Week on X-Play continues on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. Check your local listings for more times.

The release date for Brink is, indeed, Fall 2010. That’s when the game will be ready for everyone to play. Hope everyone enjoys the videos we’ll be putting out this week for everyone that didn’t get to see the Brink demo at E3/PAX/QuakeCon/GamesCom/etc.

For more details on Brink, visit the game’s official site, as well as Splash Damages’ website.

Update: now has the segment shown on X-Play tonight. Watch it here.

Around the web


Before heading out for vacation, I thought I’d squeeze in another “around the web.”

We’ll begin with news on Brink. Splash Damage Senior Game Designer Ed Stern recently discussed Brink in a new interview at Rock, Paper, Shotgun. Here’s a snippet…

RPS: The game is quite bright and exaggerated, however. Colourful, even. It’s going against a trend for photorealism, isn’t it?

Stern: I think we’ll see more of this stuff. Look at TF2 or Borderlands, they have unrealistic characters too. And look at all three next to each other, take a screenshot from each of them and none of them look alike.

Brink is also included in a new list of the Top 10 original video games of 2010. You’ll also find that RAGE made the list at #4. For more on RAGE, check PC Zone’s preview that’s currently up at GamesRadar.

In Fallout news, there’s new DLC reviews up. Here’s a snippet from a new review for Point Lookout at GamingBolt

“With Point Lookout, Bethesda has given a near-perfect reminder of why we love Fallout 3 so much.  This game is simply a joy to play.  A dirty, morally questionable joy – but a joy nonetheless.  If you’re looking for a chance to jump back into the world of Fallout 3, Point Lookout is a great place to start.”

More after the jump…

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Around the web


With last week’s Eurogamer Expo in the rearview mirror, new previews are emerging on several sites. Be sure to check out impressions at Brutal Gamer,, SavyGamer, Scrambled Pixel and Loot-Ninja. Sarcastic Gamer also previewed the game — here’s a snippet:

“Visually the game is stunning, with vibrant colour pouring out of every part of the environment. This is a testament to the world Splash Damage have envisioned, a floating city known as The Ark.”

More news from around the web after the break…

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Watch Paul Wedgwood’s Eurogamer Expo Presentation (Updated)


Eurogamer has video of Paul Wedgwood’s Brink presentation from Eurogamer Expo 2009 in Leeds. One caveat — the presentation actually doesn’t feature gameplay.

Still, if you’re wanting to learn more about the game, you’ll definitely want to watch.

Update: From the looks of Eurogamer_Expo’s Twitter page, there will be some tickets available for the expo’s trip to London tomorrow.

Brink Roundup


As mentioned last week, Eurogamer Expo 2009 is currently taking place. The Leeds portion of the expo has concluded — with Paul Wedgwood showing the game to large crowds on both days.

Out of the Leeds show, there’s some new coverage to share. First, in a new preview at Eurogamer, Paul assured everyone that the PC version of the game will have dedicated servers. For more on their coverage of the game, read here. Elsewhere, you can find impressions of the game from folks that attended the expo at both SavyGamer and You can also find a new preview for the game at NowGamer.

The Eurogamer Expo moves to London this Friday and Saturday. Unfortunately, tickets for the expo are already sold out, but we’ll keep you updated on any news that comes out of the show.

On the print side of things, Losi shared with me the latest cover story for Brink at VietGame. For many of you, getting your hands on a copy of the magazine might be difficult, so I’ve posted the cover below. If you do have a chance to check it out, there’s six pages of coverage, plus an interview with Creative Director Richard Ham.


In other print news, the latest issue of EDGE hit newsstands this week. Be on the lookout, as it features eight pages of new impressions on the game.

Finally, German fansite BrinkGamers has reached 1.0 status. You can check out the site here (looks nice!)– and if you’re interested in doing a fan site of your own, download our fansite kit at the official site for Brink.

New Splash Damage Developer Profile


Over at Splash Damage’s site, you can check out a new developer profile with Gameplay/Physics Programmer Pierre ‘trega’ Tregaro. Here’s a sampling from the interview…

What games have you worked on?
Brink is the first ‘real’ game I’ve worked on. My last project before starting here was PuppIT, on which I was the project lead. In a nutshell, it’s a large digital puppet theatre entirely controlled using a multi-touch surface.

Head to Splash Damage’s official site to read the rest, as well as the other developer profiles they’ve done.