We’ve got something “In the ‘Works” for tonight (Updated)


Over the years, we’ve sporadically put out a company newsletter recapping some of the latest news on our games — stuff that you could read here on the blog… just days/weeks later. Moving forward, we’re taking a new approach to the newsletter — providing new and exciting information on our games, events, etc. We call it In The ‘Works (get it??).

Beginning tonight, the new community newsletter is planned to release on the last Thursday of every month. And each month, you can expect something new. To kick things off, we’re focusing on QuakeCon 2010, which is only two weeks away. Subscribers can expect to learn some exciting news about the event.* And whether you’re a current subscriber or a new subscriber, you’ll be entered for a chance to win one of five RAGE t-shirts.

We hope you enjoy this new format!

*If you’re expecting a game announcement, sorry. That’s not In The ‘Works.

UPDATE: To view the archived version of this month’s newsletter, head here.

So you didn’t win that Bethesda jacket…


With GamesRadar only giving away a couple Bethesda track jackets, as a consolation, I thought I’d share another way you can show your support. Elder Scrolls fan Eugene Nesci sent in pictures he took with his brothers showing off their Elder Scrolls costumes. He writes:

“My brothers and I have been massive fans of the Elder Scroll’s series for a long time…

What do you get when you combine that with too much spare time and an infinite supply of cardboard?


See… who needs track jackets? Awesome work by Eugene and his brothers. Now I just need to know how to make cardboard look like chainmail for my Commando party.

A couple more pics after the break…

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In Pictures: New Vegas at Comic-Con (Updated)


Up there on the left is Fallout: New Vegas creative director Chris Avellone, signing lithographs next to “All Roads” cover artist Geof Darrow at this year’s Comic-Con. Judging by the rest of these pictures, it was a somewhat busy day. For more on All Roads, head to IGN.

Avellone also joined fellow New Vegas designers John Gonzalez and George Ziets for the panel “Fallout: Writing for Evolving Game Franchises.” Oaths were taken; bounties were marked. Read recaps of the panel at Gamespot, G4TV, and Kotaku.

Update: It was pointed out you can find a few additional pics of Chris and Geof signing posters at Dark Horse’s website.

Bethesda games now on Impulse


Bethesda games are now on Impulse, and it already feels like there was never a time when they weren’t.

For those of you behind the times, Impulse is Stardock’s one-stop digital download store. And now Impulse is also an excellent place to pick up Bethesda games, including Morrowind, Oblivion, Fallout 3 and Call of Cthulhu.

Check into the digital download party over at the official Impulse storefront.

Weekend update: New Vegas Edition

Last night’s broadcast of GameTrailers TV is now online – watch above to learn more about Fallout: New Vegas from the game’s Project Director, Josh Sawyer. Use the slider above to search for the segment (it follows info on the latest God of War game), or watch it in HD at GameTrailers.com (just skip ahead to Chapter 3).

For a different take on New Vegas, watch last night’s story from Channel 8 News NOW (KLAS). The piece discusses the game in broad strokes (and features Josh Sawyer), while also asking if the real Las Vegas is prepared for similar circumstances.

Finally, at Comic-Con yesterday, Obsidian’s Chris Avellone, John Gonzalez, and George Ziets participated in the panel,”Fallout: Writing for Evolving Game Franchises.” Read a panel recaps at Gamespot, G4TV, and Kotaku.

Watch last night’s QuakeCon Kickoff Show


QuakeCon doesn’t start for another three weeks (August 12-15), but the guys at Quake-Live.tv are getting everyone ready for the fun. Last night they aired the QuakeCon Kickoff Show, which lasted about 3 hours. To learn more about this year’s event, definitely check it out at the links below…

Between now and the event, we’ll have plenty of new information to share with you guys on the show. Stay tuned to Bethesda Blog, as well as QuakeCon.org.

Chris Avellone discusses “All Roads” at IGN


Tonight on IGN, there’s an interview with New Vegas Creative Director, Chris Avellone, discussing “All Roads” — the graphic novel he wrote that comes packaged with the Fallout: New Vegas Collector’s Edition. Here’s a snippet of the interview:

“Finally, we asked Avellone if gamers who read the comic can expect its characters to appear and its events to be referenced. He said, “If you read the graphic novel, you’ll see the results of many of the events, locations, and fates of the characters in the comic in primary and secondary locations in the game – as well as characters you’ll encounter in these locations.”

In addition to the interview, IGN also have your first look at the full cover for “All Roads“. Don’t forget, if you’re attending San Diego Comic-Con, you’ll have a chance to get an “All Roads” lithograph — signed by Avellone and cover artist Geof Darrow.

Morrowind diorama is to die for


For one of our forum members, Eirik, Morrowind is a big deal for both himself and his family. As he explained in an email to Bethesda Blog, “It is not uncommon to find us discussing ‘What we did today in Vvardenfel’ at the dinner table every Sunday when we get together.” A fan of creating dioramas (check out his website), he’s actually created Morrowind characters by re-purposing 2-3 inch action figures.

After the break, you’ll find more Morrowind pieces  — including mod-inspired characters.

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