Inside the Vault: Feargus Urquhart


This week we open the Vault to our friends at Obsidian Entertainment, who as you know are hard at work on Fallout: New Vegas. Up first, we’ve got their fearless leader, CEO Feargus Urquhart.

Has anyone ever pronounced your name correctly?

Not very often, but it does happen and it still surprises me. In school, it was always entertaining when we had a substitute teacher. They would go through the list of students and then there would be a pause. The whole class would look at me with a grin, and I would just say “Here.” That was then immediately followed by the question of my name’s nationality which is Scottish. Urquhart castle is on Loch Ness…Yep, the one with the monster.

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inXile Files: Meet Brian Fargo

Brian Fargo_Final.jpg

Coinciding with the announcement of Hunted: The Demon’s Forge, we’ve got a developer profile with inXile Entertainment’s founder, Brian Fargo. If case you’ve been living under a rock, Fargo has been behind some of the greatest fantasy game franchises of all time including The Bard’s Tale, Baldur’s Gate, and the original Fallout.

You are the founding father of inXile. What does your job entail on a day-to-day basis?

The games business is one of the most challenging industries one can get into. But, in my opinion, the best thing about it is that no two days are rarely alike. In general I set the strategic direction for the company.

I also work with my production team to make sure that the game(s) we set out to create stay on track and that we are achieving the goals we have set out for ourselves. I am also the face of inXile, so I tend to deal with the outside forces of the company, like handling the press or negotiating contracts.

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Hunted: The Demon’s Forge announced


In a press release today, we announced we’ll be publishing Hunted: The Demon’s Forge — currently under development by inXile Entertainment. Below is a snippet from the release.

Bethesda Softworks®, a ZeniMax® Media company, today announced that it will publish Hunted: The Demon’s Forgeâ„¢, a third-person co-op fantasy action game. Hunted is being developed at inXile Entertainment for the Xbox 360®video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and Games for Windows.

inXile entertainment was founded in 2002 by industry veteran Brian Fargo. During his distinguished tenure in the video game business, Fargo has been behind some of the greatest fantasy game franchises of all time including The Bard’s Tale®, Baldur’s Gate®, and Fallout®. Hunted‘s development is being overseen by Fargo while Michael “Maxx” Kaufman serves as the game’s Director. Previously, Kaufman served as Art Director on such titles as Kingpinâ„¢: Life of Crimeâ„¢, Redneck Rampage and the award-winning Return to Castle Wolfenstein® at Gray Matter.

“We are thrilled to be working with Bethesda Softworks on this upcoming release that takes us back to our roots,” said Brian Fargo, Founder of inXile Entertainment. “Bethesda’s track record speaks for itself and the game we are developing for them is no exception.”

“inXile has an extremely talented team and we couldn’t be more pleased to have them working on one of our upcoming titles,” said Vlatko Andonov, President of Bethesda Softworks.  “We believe gamers will be really excited about what these guys have in store for them.”

When we have more details to share on Hunted, we’ll let you know here at Bethesda Blog. Stay tuned!

Fallout 3 DLC savings on Xbox LIVE next week


As announced on Major Nelson’s blog, Fallout 3 DLC will be the Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week between March 22nd and March 28th. During this time, all DLC for the game — that’s Operation: Anchorage, The Pitt, Broken Steel, Point Lookout, and Mothership Zeta — will be half off and cost only 400 Microsoft Points.

March Mayhem 2010


March Madness is definitely one of my favorite times of the year. As I await the NCAA Tournament Selection show, I thought I’d point out that for the third year in a row, Bethesda Softworks is in The Escapist’s March Mayhem Developer’s Showdown — a fan-voted tournament featuring 64 of the biggest developers in gaming.

Beginning March 17th, you can vote on each round’s matchups, but this year they’ve also added a bracket where you can try to predict all the matchups before they happen (just like with the NCAA Tournament). Just make sure you register to participate.

In our first round matchup, we take on Twisted Pixel — makers of popular XBLA hits like The Maw and ‘Splosion Man. Discuss the matchup here. Meanwhile, Obsidian Entertainment (our friends working on Fallout: New Vegas), have a first round matchup against Sucker Punch — the guys  known for creating inFamous and the Sly Cooper series.

Good luck to all the developers in this year’s bracket. We’ll keep you updated.

Xbox 360 Oblivion: GOTY on Sale for $17.99 at Amazon


The Bethesda forums may be down, but Bethesda games can still be played. And if you still haven’t checked out Oblivion: Game of the Year Edition, today’s Amazon Deal of the Day may entice you.

Microsoft’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb sends word that the Xbox 360 edition of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Game of the Year Edition is only $17.99 on Amazon today. As a reminder, the GOTY edition includes both the Shivering Isles and Knights of the Nine expansions.

Planet Elder Scrolls Hall of Fame — February


The latest Hall of Fame mods (from February) have been announced at Planet Elder Scrolls. Here’s a look at the six newest inductees — including two Oblivion mods from Centurion.

Morrowind Mods

  • Animal Realism by Sal Maker: Released way back in May of 2002, Animal Realism is a simple modification that allows for more believable animal behaviour (i.e. less suicidal rats, fish, cliff racers, etc.)
  • Silverware Enhancer by GhostNull: Like my apartment after registering at Williams Sonoma, this plugin replaces the standard in-game silverware items with reflective and higher-poly versions.
  • SWG’s Skies v3 by starwarsguy9875: This mod s the day and night skies, the Dwemer observatory sky, the moons, and adds something Oblivion players have had for a while; beaming sunglare. Go ahead and stare directly into the sun in the image above…I won’t tell.

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Around the web: Phobos Anomaly


A few important reminders to kick off this roundup:

1. You can still win a big TV, game console and sound system on GameStop courtesy of Brink.

2. Phobos is not, in fact, populated by cyberdemons. Yet.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get on with the cool links. Fallout fans should be sure to check out the last one.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve seen anything else out there that’s worth a look.

Fallout in the Real World: Vault Pics


Recently I received an email from Bethesda Blog reader Daniel Picard — who was given the unique opportunity to visit a local fallout bunker just outside of Ottawa, Canada. Being a fan of Fallout 3, he took some pictures with his Vault Boy Bobblehead and even added some HUD effects. At first glance, I actually thought I was looking at a screenshot.

To see more of Dan’s photo work, head to his blog. And if you have interesting photos, art, video, etc. to share, shoot us an email at [email protected].