PAX East and Beyond: Hunted/Brink roundup

Over the past month, folks from around the world have had a chance to go hands on with both Hunted and Brink. Here’s a recap of the latest coverage — beginning with X-Play’s PAX East preview featuring both games. Watch it above.

After the break, we’ve got plenty more coverage on both titles — including video previews from GameTrailers.

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On to the next round

Before heading to more NCAA action in the Capital Wasteland this evening (in hopes of snapping more buzzer beater pics like the one above), thought I’d let you know we advanced to the second round of the The Escapists’ March Mayhem Developers’ Showdown. This round we’re up against some talented developers. No, it’s not the Fab Five, but it is the creators of Civ 5: Firaxis Games.

To learn more about voting and the prizes you can win, head here.

Another round of March Mayhem

It’s time to bust out the brackets again. No, not the hoops ones (Go Blue!) — we’re talking about The Escapists’ March Mayhem Developer Showdown. The annual affair pits popular game developers against each other — with registered members voting on which developer advances to the next round.

In addition to getting into the spirit of March Madness, they’re giving you a number of ways to win an awesome gaming laptop from Alienware. Find out the details by reading the contest rules.

In our first round matchup, BGS is paired up against Eve Online creators,CCP Games. To vote for us, register at The Escapist and head here.

Hunted Roundup

As we pack our bags for PAX East, we thought we’d share a few updates on our upcoming titles. Beginning with Hunted, here’s the latest coverage to hit since Nick’s post last week.

That’s all for now. Look for new previews after PAX East, and if you’re in Boston this weekend, stop by our booth.

Hunted co-op interview

Chris Keenan, design director on Hunted, returns this month to answer questions about the game’s cooperative gameplay.

When playing Hunted online, can you explain how they’ll connect with other players?

Our matchmaking system is really easy to use. We tried to simplify the matchmaking interface as much as possible. It is very easy to try to find someone who meets the same criteria that you want. When you send out a request (like a dating service), it will search for people who have the same request as you. These folks will have been sending out requests to play the same areas as you. Our matchmaking system attempts to find players who have similar play styles. If you tend to do more exploration, the game tracks that and will try to match you with another player that likes exploration.

If someone playing with you drops out of the game, will you be able to add someone on the fly?

When your co-op partner leaves you have a few options.  You can choose to continue playing single player at the spot where you left off. Your partner will immediately become and AI buddy and you continue forward.  You can also choose to use the seamless matching system to find a new partner.  As soon as that partner is found, it will return you to the previous checkpoint with that partner and you get to move on as before.

For players not playing Hunted online, what options do they have when playing the game?

Over the last year, we’ve been working behind the scenes to try to get split screen into the build. While reading the early previews of the game, we noticed many of the comments from fans were talking about how important split screen is to this type of game. We’re happy to share news that split screen is now in the game!

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Dead Money now available on Steam and PSN

Update: Dead Money is now available on PSN in the US

The adventures of Fallout: New Vegas continue on PC and PS3 today!

New Vegas’ first game add-on, Dead Money, is now available on Steam in North America and Europe. The content is also available on the US PlayStation Store, and on Wednesday it will be available in Europe and other PAL territories. The content is available on both platforms for $9.99.