That belongs in a museum!


This… this IS history!

And by this, I’m referring to The Art of Video Games — a new exhibit coming to the American Art Museum in 2012. To prepare for it, Smithsonian is letting you vote for the games that will be on display.

It might take a second to load, but Fallout 3 can be found in Era 5’s Modern Windows category, while Oblivion is categorized under Xbox 360. Meanwhile, id’s DOOM II is listed in Era 4 under DOS/Windows.

Voting runs between now and April 7th. To get started, register here.

Dead Money coming to PS3 & PC, more content on the way


This morning we’ve announced that Dead Money, the first game add-on for Fallout: New Vegas, is coming to PlayStation 3 (via PSN) and PC (via Steam and Direct2Drive) on Tuesday, February 22nd. Additionally, we will be releasing three additional add-on packs in the coming months. These packs will launch simultaneously on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

More details to come.

Hunted Dev Diary – Know Your Enemy

Celebrating Hunted’s release date (June 1st in North America, June 3rd in Europe), we’ve got a new developer diary from design director Chris Keenan. In the diary, Chris shares details on Hunted’s main enemy type — the Wargar. These persistently nasty bad guys will attack you in a number of ways throughout your adventure. In this diary details their strategies and provides pointers on how to thwart them.

Take it away, Chris…

Every action game has a core enemy that the player fights consistently throughout the adventure. Some games have infantry soldiers, while others present drones that will feverishly attempt to prevent the player’s forward progress. In Hunted : The Demon’s Forge, the Wargar fill that role. Wargar BattleKnowing that the player will be fighting different packs of Wargar for much of their play experience, we made sure that the enemy behaviors prompted the players to change their play style depending on the type of Wargar that made an appearance. With Caddoc being a melee-focused player and E’lara’s proficiency in ranged weapons, we knew we had a challenge to create enemy AI that provided interesting situations for both of these player characters. For this reason, we broke the Wargar tribes down into multiple classes with drastically different behaviors. The main classes are melee Wargar (Soldiers, Warriors, Guardians and Zealots), ranged Wargar (Archers, Scorchers and Blastcasters) and Casters (Infected). Notice how these classes mirror the player’s abilities to offer challenges to different play styles.

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All the RAGE: Tim Willits

Willits2008 A B&W.jpg

Recently we had a chance to catch up with id Software’s Tim Willits to discuss his career, interests, and more. Leading up to RAGE’s release in September, you can expect to hear plenty more from the game’s creative director — both on RAGE’s official site and here at Bethesda Blog.

What do you do at id Software?

I am the Creative Director working on RAGE. I manage the entire RAGE team and ensure things get done with the game. My days involve a little cheerleading, whip-cracking, motivational sneakiness, and just about anything else to get the team working. Luckily for me, I’m working with the best team in the industry, and I feel like I have the best job in the world!

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Listen again to “Begin Again”


Since the release of Dead Money in December, we’ve received requests to release an mp3 version of Vera Keyes’ song, “Begin Again.” The track, which you’ll hear while exploring the Sierra Madre Casino, was put together by Obsidian sound designer Justin Bell (music and text setting), creative lead Chris Avellone (lyrics), audio producer Mikey Dowling (lyrics), and art intern Stephanie DeBrule (vocals).

Give it a listen:

[audio:|titles=Begin Again|artists=Justin Bell]

For background on the track, check out the short interview below…

What were some of your inspirations for the song?

Mikey Dowling: For me it was how sorrowful Justin’s music was that inspired the tone of the lyrics. I’m sure he could elaborate more on his end, but in terms of the lyrics, I knew Vera’s story and I knew that Chris had wanted the song to contain the words “begin again,” and “to let go,” somewhere within. I ended up listening to Justin’s song on repeat for a bit and came up with lyrics that I felt would not only capture what Chris had been looking for, but also capture something that could feel as though it would fit in an old Hollywood film.

Justin Bell: Easy – Chopin’s prelude in E minor. I was trying to go for an early 20th century post-romantic sound that fit the period. I didn’t want it to sound too modern, which is why I choose to write the piece on the piano as it’s a timeless instrument. When going for the vocal style, I was thinking Judy Garland — someone with clear diction.

Is this the first time your girlfriend, Stephanie, has sung in an Obsidian game?

Yes it is, actually. She just started here at Obsidian in late July of last year and we found out that she used to do musical theatre when she was younger. When it came time to temp out how the song would work in the game, we turned to Steph. We were so happy with how the song turned out that we wanted to keep it in the game and decided to do a “reverse Disney” and cast someone based on Steph’s singing voice so when the player heard Christine talk in the game, then heard Vera’s song it wouldn’t feel disjointed.

Any plans for a duet?

Ha! Depends on the demands of the product and the time available. Until then, Steph and I will continue to rock random karaoke bars.

Spread the joy with these community contests


Wanted to share word on a few community contests that were brought to my attention.

The Nexus community sites (as in New Vegas Nexus and TESNexus) are closing in on reaching 2.5 million registered members. To celebrate the occasion, they’ve kicked off a modding competition on both site. The site’s administrator, DarkOne, details the competition’s rules here. Here’s an excerpt…

“Ergo the theme of this modding competition will be “The community we are in”. I’m hoping to see some great mods that cover users in the community that might have influenced you during your time here, the various sites of the community that you are a part of (it doesn’t just have to be the Nexus!) and what you like about the community.

The type of mod you make, be it a quest, a new landmass, a house or castle, NPCs, weapons, armour, etc. is totally up to you but I will look more favourably upon entries that have a quest in them because I’m a sucker for a good quest! That doesn’t mean a mod with a quest in is going to win, however, and if you come up with something really unique then I’ll probably love it! A Nexus defence mod, for example, where you defend fort Nexus from a horde of trolls with your fellow moderators wielding ban hammers by your side is something I’ve dreamt about… “

Elsewhere, TES Alliance has already kicked off their Salute to Skyrim contest. As the title indicates, it’s a competition where users are encouraged to pay tribute to Skyrim — whether it be a mod for Morrowind or Oblivion, artwork, poetry, etc.. For more details, check out the contest page on TES Alliance.

Mod in progress: Project Nevada

The video above is for Project Nevada, a work-in-progress New Vegas mod that includes plenty of nice features — including unique HUD visors, enhanced vision modes, new scopes, dynamic crosshairs, and even the ability to sprint and tackle (don’t miss the hilarious tackle at the 3:25 mark of the video).

Project Nevada is brought to you by the same guys that created Fallout 3 Wanderers Edition (FWE) — a project we showcased a couple years back. To learn more about Project Nevada, visit the current discussion thread in our New Vegas forums.