Force Push ‘Em Real Good


Over on Planet Elder Scrolls, which has tons of cool mods, I came across one this morning that I found particularly interesting. Looks like your hero will now have the ability to use the Force Push technique that the Star Wars prequels decided to overuse.

Only bad news is that Liam Neeson didn’t agree to add some Qui Gonn dialogue for the game. Anyhow, check out the mod here.

Fallout 3 Pic Pack/Theme/Trailer on Live

Many of us here have been waiting and wanting Fallout stuff to use for a gamer pics and themes since…forever. Finally today the wait is over as you can now grab a pack of Fallout 3 gamer pics. The pic pack (100 points) features several variations of Vault Boy plus a Brotherhood of Steel image, as well as a theme (150 points) for your Live blades featuring the Craig Mullins concept art you’ve undoubtably seen already.

Finally, a pic to match my motto. And, if you want to see the teaser trailer in full 720p glory, you can download that off of Live as well.

The Oblivion Trail


I thought this was pretty cool. Over on a personal blog titled one fans shows how a hike through an Oregon forest resembled trekking through the Tamriel in Oblivion. I have to admit, there’s definitely a similarity .

This had me thinking, does anyone else have photos with a striking resemblance to something from one of our games (or other games for that matter). Send ’em in, and we’ll post the best ones. I look forward to seeing if there’s any gates to Oblivion out there in the midwest.

Major Nelson to Ground Control

Podcasting fans should know that our very own Pete Hines sat down with Major Nelson to discuss Fallout 3 in his most recent podcast. In addition to Fallout discussion, the Major talks chats with Peter Zyniewicz and Duane Colbert about Vampire Rain and Project Sylpheed, as well as Lead Designer of The Darkness, Jens Andersson. Pete might be my boss, but I’m also downloading now for The Darkness Coverage. I played the game for a few hours of the weekend, and it’s definitely got the same charm Riddick had a few years back.

Speaking of Major Nelson, Pete and I were talking this morning and he pointed out to me Major Nelson’s site is reporting that Oblivion ranked #6 last week for Xbox Live Activity. A pretty amazing stat considering this game has been out since March 2006. Gears of War, which was released last November, still reigns supreme on LIVE and is the next oldest title in the top 10. Check out the rest of the list here.

Better Homes and Goblins


As TES fans know, you’re probably not going to find a home for your Oblivion character searching through Craig’s List. What you may not know is that the modding community has created a helpful real estate resource called Oblivion’s Real Estate. The site is described as, “A site dedicated entirely to houses that Modders have contributed for the game Oblivion. All the houses that re listed here have been categorized to enable visitors to find the house just right for them without the time consuming effort of downloading and trying each one…”

Sounds cool to me, though I’ll admit my Dark Elf is a bit of a squatter.

House hunters, begin your search here

Fallout 3 First Looks

Happy Sunday everyone. Since more of these will probably continue to pop-up I’m just going to add new ones to the bottom of the list as they come in.

Rainier over at Worthplaying dropped me a note to let me know their preview of Fallout 3 is up, which includes five screens and some thoughts on their first look at Fallout 3.

Joystiq also has up their first look, as well as additional details in handy bullet point form, suitable for framing.

Gamespot has a hefty two-page preview up over on their site.

Wenn Sie Deutschen lesen können, hat ihre Vorbetrachtung des radioaktiven Niederschlags 3 oben. PC Action will have a cover story on Fallout 3 in their next issue, which is out July 20. Wundervoll!

Kris Graft over at has a lengthy preview up that talks about the game, my alleged sprinkler dance, and a shot of the Bloody Mess cake I had made (I’ll put a separate entry together about that tomorrow).

Hit the jump to see the rest of today’s coverage.

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Importing 3D Stuff into Oblivion


The folks at Digital Urban have a pretty cool two-part tutorial on how to create models in 3D Max and import them into Oblivion (officially, “Importing SketchUp/3D Max into the Oblivion Engine for Architectual Visualisation,” which sounds much more important and academic-ish).

Part two of the tutorial is now up (Part one can be found here) and shows how they went about converting a model of the Quad at University College London and viewing it in game. Never been to University College, but it looks pretty darn good to me. They provide info on all the tools they used and where you can find trial versions of things like SketchUp and 3DMax so you can give it a try yourself.

Great info for anyone thinking of tinkering with 3D models for Oblivion, and perhaps some tips for the experienced modders out there. Also, check out the related video here

Spell and Equipment Database Motherload


Jon over at Gamebanshee shared with us the spell and equipment databases they have have hosted on their site. These databases cover all 5,922 items within Oblivion, Shivering Isles, and all DLC, as well as all 430 spells.

What’s most impressive to me is how comprehensive the search filters are. For searching spells alone, there are eight separate filters to use, as well as the ability to filter the search down to any of the 89 different spell effects. As a relative newbie to the game (thankfully I just got my 360 back), the simplicity of both of these search engines is definitely something I can see using. The filters even let you know what can be found in Oblivion, Shivering Isles, and all the other add ons and plug-ins.

Nicely done!

Sports Talk Radio Discusses Fallout?!?


On KFAN Sports Radio‘s weekly gaming podcast, Video Games Weekly, the hosts discuss Fallout 3 with Game Informer’s Matt Miller (who as you know, wrote the Fallout 3 feature in GI). The podcast also addresses new releases (The Bigs, The Darkness, and my new favorite Pac Man: Championship Ediditon), as well as other topics about the gaming industry. As the podcast comes from their radio broadcast, the hosts also address questions from the audience.

My favorite moment is their sound bite of one of my favorite (and most hilarious) lines of dialogue from any game ever. Also, it sounds like Matt Miller would have been pretty envious of me, since I got to screen Transformers last night.

Pretty cool show with enjoyable hosts to listen to. Check out the podcast here

Er, Hi!


Welcome to our little blog. We’ve actually been running this thing for a while, but only internally while we got things sorted and got our approvals (Matt’s mom didn’t want to sign the permission slip). This (blog) is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now, but I didn’t have the time to do it on my own with everything else going on (that “Oblivion” thing, for one).

When I hired Matt to help with community stuff, I put this at the top of his list to help me get started, along with IT guy extraordinaire Rob (“the man” who makes our sites, wiki, and this blog work) and Lindsay (aka ShiftyEyedDog), who came up with a design. And, I pulled in Ashley because: a) he’s been doing a lot of work on his own blog (, and b) we’ve been friends for a while now so he’ll pretty much go along with something and help as long as it isn’t completely moronic, which is rare.

We hope to use this as a way of better communicating with people who play our games, or want to know what we’re up to, and letting folks know what’s going on with our games, communities, or just games in general.

We already have an outlet for official info on our games, but have been pretty limited on providing info on cool mods that are out, put up a gallery of fan art, do short Q&As with devs from different games, answer questions we get from people in a place where everyone else can see it too, or, I dunno, show off a Fallout 3 paint job someone here did in Forza 2…that kind of thing. Official sites aren’t always a good way to do that sort of thing, and things tend to get lost in our forums fairly quickly. Since gaming is what we do for work and play, hopefully this blog will cover plenty of both.

If you have ideas or suggestions, drop us an email and let us know.