Ep Description Duration Date Posted MP3
17 Get all the details on the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online beta, straight from the developers at Zenimax Online Studios. 19:13 January 22, 2013 Download
16 Join us for a look at the creation of Skyrim's expansive DLC, Dawnguard. 13:35 July 3, 2012 Download
15 Spontaneous discussions amongst the Arkane team lead to exciting and surprising Dishonored features. 7:37 June 15, 2012 Download
14 The team at Arkane joins us to explain the unpredictable magic of Dishonored's dark sandbox playground. 10:00 April 26, 2012 Download
13 Valve's Dave Sawyer and Bethesda's Joel Burgess join us as we delve into the past, present and future of Skyrim modding support. 30:39 March 19, 2012 Download
4 Members of the Skyrim animation team recall key moments of development. 22:38 November 9, 2011 Download
3 The world and character artists that brought Skyrim to life tell their tales.. 20:24 November 8, 2011 Download
2 Go behind the scenes with Skyrim audio director Mark Lampert. 17:20 November 3, 2011 Download
1 The first installment of the Skyrim team diaries features concept artists Adam Adamowicz and Ray Lederer. 16:24 October 28, 2011 Download
12 Dishonored co-directors Raphael Colantonio and Harvey Smith join us once again to discuss their recently announced immersive action game. 23:51 August 25, 2011 Download
11 Take a trip down memory lane with members of id Software, as they discuss the company's early years, the magic of QuakeCon, and what fans can expect out of RAGE at this year's event. 46:41 July 28, 2011 Download
10 Matt and Nick talk Prey 2 with Human Head co-founders Jim Sumwalt and Chris Rhinehart. 16:00 June 24, 2011 Download
09 With Brink launching tomorrow in North America, we plug Splash Damage's Ed Stern for all the info he can supply. Later, we explore the depths of Hunted: The Demon's Forge with Bethesda's David Clayman. 38:06 May 09, 2011 Download
08 We mark the fifth anniversary of Oblivion's release by talking with key members of the team, followed by a roundtable with Todd Howard and Pete Hines. 56:56 April 01, 2011 Download
07 On the outset of Bethesda's biggest year yet, Pete Hines stops by to talk about all the excitement and take your questions. 23:36 February 22, 2011 Download
06 Following the announcement of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Bethesda Game Studios executive game director Todd Howard stops by to chat about the exciting, cathartic reveal. 12:55 December 16, 2010 Download
05 id Software co-founder John Carmack joins us for a long chat on RAGE Mobile, Ferraris and space exploration. 59:30 November 18, 2010 Download
04 Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide writer David Hodgson divulges hints and tips for would-be wastelanders. 25:47 October 29, 2010 Download
03 Your Fallout: New Vegas questions are answered, and Obsidian's Feargus Urquhart stops by 39:41 October 01, 2010 Download
02 Reader mail, the first QuakeCon, and Arkane Studios on immersive games 27:47 September 16, 2010 Download
01 Todd Howard & Tim Willits on QuakeCon, RAGE, and post-apocalyptic gaming 22:17 August 26, 2010 Download

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